Saturday WatchAlong: Happy New Year! For New Years Day! 8am Chicago Time!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope everyone welcomed in 2022 in a lovely happy way, and of course my best wishes for all of my DCIB family in this new year. And now, let us begin it the RIGHT way, by watching Happy New Year the Movie.

Happy New Year

It’s on Netflix, it’s delightful, we’ve all seen it, what more is there to say?

At 8am Chicago time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will all go from there!


402 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Happy New Year! For New Years Day! 8am Chicago Time!!!!

  1. Why this scene? Why is Abhishek stripping? How does this make sense? Surely just taking off your shoes and stacking them would be best?


    • If “Munna Michael” taught me anything, it’s that a dance competition team has to have a minimum number of actual members BUT on top of that you get an unlimited number of backup dancers that just sort of materialize out of the soundstage.

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  2. Wait, how is a random dude able to stop and talk to Jackie as the police are dragging him away? Why aren’t the police doing anything?


  3. It is criminal that this last song is not subbed. One drink down main Govinda, two drink down main Jeetendr’, three drink down main sharaabi ka Bachchan, four drink down and I dance like Dharmendr’. Pretty accurate ; )

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