Valentine’s Bracket Round 4: Time to Pick our Final Songs!!!

Yes! Second to last round! What you pick here will go up against each other in the finals. Which also means, if you want to get strategic, that you should pick the WEAKER of the second pair to give your first choice a better change in the final round.

Bracket 1

Tere Bina

Tujhe Dekho Tu

Bracket 2

Little Little



11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Bracket Round 4: Time to Pick our Final Songs!!!

  1. 1. Tere Bina (I can’t believe I’m doing this but Tere Bina is way too beautiful for me to go against it. I’ve always liked the others songs from DDLJ better…)

    2. Little Litte


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  3. 1) Tujhe Dekha Toh
    2) This is a tough one, but I’m going with Radha. I was obsessed with it instantly. Little Little had to grow on me. And I know this is the opposite of that you suggested, but I don’t care.


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