Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I Bring You, YOUR FINAL WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! Through process of elimination, we have the Best Romance Things Ever!!! No surprise, it’s mostly Shahrukh.

Best Jodi:

Aditya-Geet: 4 Votes

Harry-Sejal: 6 Votes. WINNER

Best Song:

Tujhe Dekho: 7 Votes. WINNER

Radha: 3 Votes

Best Scenes:

Mustard Field: 3 Votes

Gazebo: 7 Votes. WINNER

Best Story:


JHMS: 3 Votes.

Overall winner: Shahrukh Khan, Our Valentine

Shahrukh Khan - PicMix

And Prize!!!! A lovely photo of me with my Valentine:


15 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I Bring You, YOUR FINAL WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Okay, well my last minute votes changed literally nothing. But yay Shahrukh! We all knew he was gonna win, he’s the real winner.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Margaret!


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  3. Aw man, missed out on the later rounds of voting. Work and life has gotten crazy this month. Not mad about any of these, though! Happy belated Valentine’s Day, thank you for the lovely card!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (extra exclamatoriness just for funsies)


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