Saturday Small Talk: A Cozy Evening Chat After My Very Lazy Day

Happy Saturday! I had a lazy morning, got delivery coffee, walked the dog, took a nap, then went and got a massage (including an Indian style head massage!), then picked up groceries, came home, walked the dog, did a puzzle, took another nap, walked the dog again, showered, and now here I am, all warm and cozy, and ready to finally write my Saturday post!

Things to talk about!

First, I scheduled my Shaman appointment! 2 hours next Thursday, I have sooooooooooo many people that I have promised to report back to about how it went.

Second, I saw Radhe Shyam last night (review coming), which meant I also saw the trailer for Bachchan Panday for the first time. Huh. On the one hand, love the black comedy of an idealistic filmmaker getting over her head looking for a “deeper meaning” from a gangster. On the other hand, there is a bit of “Akshay, SHUT UP” going on in my head also. Your thoughts?

And finally, it’s Vidyut Jammwal’s birthday! Based on the below instagram video, what age do you guess he is?


13 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: A Cozy Evening Chat After My Very Lazy Day

  1. Souns like a good day. Also wondering if you still want $ support for your blog. I watched Dilwale again last night. This time with your detailed review. Added depth and color to this latest viewing.


    • I always appreciate donations! I’ve slowed down on my blog activity in the past year, so donations are less needed (I’m not throwing as much money away on promotions and things). But I’m not gonna turn down money 🙂

      And yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Dilwale! More people should enjoy that movie.

      On Sat, Mar 12, 2022 at 8:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Isn’t Bachchan Pandey a remake of the Tamil movie Jigarthanda? I haven’t seen Jigarthanda but I saw the Telugu remake (Gaddalakonda Ganesh) and thought it was nice.


    • Yes it is. But looks like Akshay’s role has gotten bigger. Who played the villian in Telugu? Bobby Simha was fantastic in Tamil.


      • If I remember correctly they made the villain role more bigger in Telugu and the character was played by Varun Tej. Maybe this is more of a remake of the Telugu version…


  3. Huh. My immediate reaction is that I’m interested in seeing it, Akshay or no Akshay. It’s definitely an interesting concept. We’ve seen ordinary people getting wrapped up with criminals in straight-up action (e.g., “Paan Singh Tomar”) and straight-up comedy (e.g., “Delhi Belly”), but I don’t know how this more in-between dramedy tone is going to play.


  4. I wonder what kind of comedy the comic part will be…the South Korean movie is rather dark. I may read audience’s opinions but I doubt that I’ll watch the movie.


  5. Oh yeah, have to agree. The female lead will make or break that film for me. Kriti can carry it if they give her space but it has to not turn into the Akshay show.


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