DCIB Book Club: Bridgerton 2! The Viscount Who Loved Me. Get SEXY!

I’m not gonna read this one with you probably, I read it like 5 years ago. So y’all will remember it better than me! That will be fun. Anyway, all the books are very well-written romance novels. Meaning, actual 3 dimensional characters, fun dialogue, and smoking sex scenes. Not meaning, actual deep novel questions.

This Sunday, the 20th, I will put up a discussion-y post about what I remember about the book, and y’all can comment there if you’ve already read it, or comment later when you do read it.

If you need to find the book, it’s on the Hoopla library app, from your local library, on kindle, and probably for sale at your local bookstore!

And maybe I’ll do the same thing for the show? I don’t know, I’m just not that interested in watching it, but it looks to have so much Indian content I should watch it.


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