Shahrukh Spring: Harry Photo Brackets Round 2! Last Round, ALMOST ALL TIES! Try To Do Better This Time

Such an important competition. Thank you all for your votes, and your patience as I pulled together round 2. And yes, we have ties.

Bracket 1

Bracket 2

Bracket 3

Bracket 4

Bracket 5

Bracket 6


13 thoughts on “Shahrukh Spring: Harry Photo Brackets Round 2! Last Round, ALMOST ALL TIES! Try To Do Better This Time

  1. 1) B
    2) A
    3) A
    4) A
    5) A
    6) B, with immense difficulty; this contest is much too hard and I have too many types of feels competing.


  2. This is getting hard.
    1. A. Almost the same, so went for the one where the tattoo is not visible
    2. B
    3. B
    4. B. Headband vs turban–easy!
    5. B


  3. Bracket 1 : 1st picture – Radha Harry wondering if he should tell this chick she can’t sing worth #$%@. Out of context the second photo looks angry and brooding – in context it was hot, but without knowing the context the photo is not.

    Bracket 2: #1 – Harry can’t stop staring at Sejal because she is so beautiful is how we all want to be looked at.

    Bracket 3: #1, seriously how can the second photo even be in a bracket?

    Bracket 4: #2 sing Harry sing!

    Bracket 5: This is hard, but the truth is I’m anxious (my 13 year olds bus coming back from LAX is late) so I’m going to go with #1 happy dancing Harry.

    Bracket 6: #1 hooray for forhead kissing!


  4. 1. B – that scene…*fans self*
    2. A – may be overall winner, nothing like that look
    3. A – so joyful
    4. B – never dug the headband or the streetcar scene, while Raula is my favorite song and one of my favorite moments in the movie
    5. B – Safar over Phurr
    6. B – forehead kiss is not one of my favorite moments and don’t like his khakis in that scene; this part of Butterfly makes me happy, seeing them goof around


    • We finally have it down to the last two! Also, how are you feeling? All of my friends were really sick for 5 days and then over it, I’m still fighting severe fatigue, boooooooo.

      On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 12:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • WAY better. The worst of it was actually before I realized I had covid. Fatigue, congestion, cough, the whole nine yards. The only thing that lingered was the cough, which I think is FINALLY mostly gone. Thanks for checking in!


        • I am sooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. But also, very glad you are better! And eager for you to vote on the two current bracket posts!

          On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 12:45 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • My spring break just started, so I finally have time to catch up on all the posts I’m behind on! I’m excited! I have controversial thoughts on the Alia-Ranbir wedding!


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