Welp, I Have COVID

What a lovely spring present for me! I’m putting up a post because it is good for society to share information, and also so you don’t worry if I don’t post for a few days.

Ever since we moved in together, the upstairs people and me have been super conscientious about avoiding contagion. They’ve traveled multiple times and then we haven’t seen each other for 3 days until they got a clean test, they’ve also performed but only at places that require masks and vaccine cards and even then they quarantined from me afterwards. I went to Grandpa’s big birthday party and then didn’t see them for a few days. And then on Saturday, their friend had a 40th birthday party, only close friends, only people who had been vacced and boosted, Chicago isn’t even requiring masks any more so it should have been safer than a grocery run when you don’t know who is around you. And now every single person who attended is sick. And also me, because we didn’t bother isolating after something as safe as a birthday party at a home with only vaccinated people.

Knock on wood, it should be along the lines of a really really bad cold. Thanks to the Birthday Party of Doom, there is an active text chain of people sharing symptoms and everyone ranges from “so sick I can’t stand up” to “sore throat”. No one is close to hospital zone. I got really really sick last night but, so far, it is still not the sickest I have ever been. That honor goes to 2009 when I am pretty sure I had H1N1. That was a “cover myself in frozen vegetables at 2am and wonder if I should call 911 for the fever” sick.

Remember when H1N1 was a big deal?

The irritating thing is, my 3 closest people are all also sick. Close both emotionally and physically, the Upstairs People are both super sick, and my friend of over a decade who lives 10 minutes away was at the same party and is sickest of all. I keep thinking “oh, I can ask so-and-so to help me with such-and-such” and then remembering “Dang it! They’re sick too!” I had to pay a nice delivery person to bring me orange juice this morning instead of asking a friend to pick it up, and I’m gonna have to send Albie Dog to live with my parents for now because I don’t think I can walk him and no one else is available to walk him either.

On the flipside, it is a strange sort of bond. The three of us (The upstairs person I met first not her wife and the friend who lives close by) have been friends for over a decade and gone through so much together. And now also this together! I kind of like it. If I have to have COVID, I am glad I am sharing a strain with my nearest and dearest, not some strangers.

(oh, and luckily, I didn’t happen to go anywhere between when my friend must have given it to me and when she started showing symptoms. So I don’t have to worry about having passed it on to anyone else. Thank goodness for rainy days when you don’t want to leave the house!)


26 thoughts on “Welp, I Have COVID

  1. Just for clarification: not an April Fool’s Day joke, right? And if people want to send you supportive messages, get well soon cards, or jokes to make you feel better, where can they do that?


    • You are being such a Big Sister! It’s an April Fools Joke on me, clearly. And if people want to send me encouraging messages, they can always use the “Contact” option, but really I’m fine.

      On Fri, Apr 1, 2022 at 9:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Had a bad feeling that’s what it was. Your symptoms match mine–scratchy throat, general bad cold feeling. I’m coughing a lot and have also been congested the last day or two. Have been able to function, but I’m forced to stay home today (requirement is 5 days from beginning of symptoms, and today is day 5). So there’s also someone halfway around the country who’s in your exact shoes. Get well soon, Margaret. ❀


  3. Nooo 😦
    I had it a month ago, and it left me exhausted for a couple of weeks after the other symptoms had gone. Like, I’d feel fine, decide to stop lazing around and do something, then the fatigue would kick in really hard after a minute and send me back to bed. And I hear that ignoring that ups the likelihood of it becoming long covid. So I hope you can rest as long as you need to, and go easy on yourself when it gets frustrating.

    Get well soon πŸ’œ


    • Thanks for the advice! I do have an instinct to try to start pushing myself as soon as I can.

      On Fri, Apr 1, 2022 at 1:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, really dont do that, like Shelomit I had it end of feb 2021, and l’ve just had another wave, hence long radio silence. Hope you are much better soon, and its just another bonding thing with you and your mates.


  4. Sorry you’re sick! Hoping it’s mild and you and your friends are all the way better before long. I’m sure Albie won’t mind a vacation at the grandparents’ house.


  5. So sorry you’re sick, sending positive thoughts. You’ll be better soon since you’re vaxxed and boosted and when you are, DON’T start rushing around in your usual tizzy. Give yourself another day or two to just sit and stare.


  6. Well poop! Life just isn’t fair. I do hope you feel better soon. Thank you for letting us know, I would have worried otherwise.


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