Ideas Post: What Do You Want Me To Write About?

I have decided that I am healthy! No more lazing around! Time to be thinky again! Give me post ideas! And from past experience, I know that sometimes I will take your ideas straight, and sometimes they will just make me start thinking of some other sideways thing and I will write about that.

Is there an actor/actress you would like to know more about?

I’ve written loads of “Hindi Film 101” posts about various people, but I am sure there are others I am missing. Let me know!

Is there a fanfic prompt you would like?

Book I should rewrite? Or classic movie to make modern? Or vice versa?

Is there a non-Indian movie you would like me to review?

If it’s a classic film, I’ve probably already seen it.

Is there a book or TV show or other narrative item you would like me to review?

Again, if it’s classic, I’ve probably already consumed it.


13 thoughts on “Ideas Post: What Do You Want Me To Write About?

  1. I’m watching Written on the wind. How about writing about that?

    I’m super excited because it’s my first Douglas Sirk’s movie ever. I must admit I didn’t know him, and I thought it’s because I’m ignorant, but no. I discovered there is almost no information about him in Polish (He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page!!!). There is a little more information in Italy e.g a wikipedia page, some articles and some movies on DVD, but none of his movies are available digitally. What a shame!


  2. I’m always interested in the up and comings. Ahan Shetty, Ishaan Khatter, Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey (to name a few) are already established. But who’s REALLY NEW? They can be Bollywood or South Indian as long as they’re debuting in 2022/23.

    Glad you’re feeling better.


  3. This might sound a bit ranty, but can you write About the magic of films and art in peoples lives. I constantly see these pseudo intellectuals sitting in obviously privledged lives talking about how Bollywood needs to make more art films. However when I watched RRR I just felt so happy, and I felt like films should bring something extra to peoples lives. Which a lot of films nowadays don’t achieve, I watch the movie and feel nothing. I wonder whether you could write about it as you are a writer and can explain these feelings better and I have read one of your blog posts where you briefly talked about this subject

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    • Good suggestion, Anon.

      Some years back I was looking for something to get me thru a bad patch and discovered Indian cinema quite by accident. It changed my life! It would be interestng to know how the rest of you found Indian cinema and the impact it has/had on your life.

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  4. Contemporary TV shows I’d like for you to review but not sure if you have seen/are interested in seeing them – Sanditon, Miss Scarlet and the Duke, Reacher, Around the World in 80 Days.


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