Ramadan Brackets! Semi-Final Pathani Suits Round!

Yes yes, I’m still sick, swear you won’t tell my family and friends that I am upright and typing. I’m just so booooooooooooooooooooooooooooored. There’s only so much excitement you can get from moving between your bed and your sofa and deciding when to have your two naps a day.

Bracket 1

Bracket 2

16 thoughts on “Ramadan Brackets! Semi-Final Pathani Suits Round!

  1. SRK and Fawad.

    Fawad is totally going to take this one. Not sure that’s fair to anyone coming here in search of fashion inspiration, on normal humans the Ranveer suit would probably be more flattering than either of the white options. But if it’s between those two photos….mmmm, yeah, Fawad.

    Hope you feel better!

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    • Ha! I feel the same way. Ranveer’s suit is probably the most flattering. But unfortunately he is competing against Fawad and it’s just not fair to poor Ranveer (or anyone else). Fawad looks incredible in his suit and glasses!


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