I Had DRUGS Yesterday!!!! (CBD Coffee)

I thought I should report back on my “trip”. As a warning to all those who might be considering trying the Demon Possibly Doesn’t Do Anything At All CBD.

Intellectually, I know that CBD is the less active element of marijuana, that it might have some small uses and some slight calming effect, but also for some people, and in some doses, it may do exactly NOTHING. And so in an intellectual way, I thought “I am getting too hyped on caffeine lately, I will try coffee with CBD like my friends have recommended, no big deal, if it works it works and if it doesn’t it doesn’t”. And then I tried it and immediately went “OMG, I am on DRUGS! I am a BAD PERSON! I will DIE!!!!” in my non-intellectual head.

Anyway, to report. The coffee tasted slightly bitter, which might have been because the online order form didn’t let me check off both CBD and sugar. Or, because DRUGS!!!

I drank it slowly, to avoid a “high” and finished it around 11:30. And then around noon, I was hungry for lunch. DRUGS! Munchies, as I have heard them called!

Also, I was petting Albie Dog a lot. Because he is a soft dog and I love him, or because the DRUGS activated my senses? Who’s to say?

Because I was on DRUGS, I decided to watch Bahubali 1 and 2. I quite enjoyed it and thought it was very beautiful. Because of DRUGS.

Let’s see, what else? Oh right, I got sleepy around 11pm and went to bed and slept. And my blankets felt very warm and cozy and my sheets felt very smooth and nice. DRUGS!

This has been my warning message. If you try CBD, you will have exactly the same day as before, but will obsess the whole time about if you are really enjoying something or if it is DRUGS.

(looking back, I think the only possible actual effect was that it negated the tiny anti-depressant/energy surge I get from my morning coffee. So I am back to regular coffee today)


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