Abortion Post, Donation Link and Song Contest!

I just got 28 emails in my inbox all at once, I have GOT to unsubscribe from some of those political campaign lists. Anyway, just like the political campaigns, I had this post written in my head and ready to go for weeks.

First, fun bit! Between these two pro-choice light rom-coms, is this song better (Time of My Life):

Or this song (“Dyaanchand”)

And here is a surprising link, GQ has a very good list broken down by state and region of every Abortion Fund in the US. Travel, childcare, housing, all that stuff for people who have to cross state lines:


GQ! Who knew!!!!


6 thoughts on “Abortion Post, Donation Link and Song Contest!

      • Fast Times at Ridgemont High has a raw, thoughtful and realistic abortion storyline in it. It’s my favorite high school movie in terms of being “navarasa”-like.

        The song isn’t about the abortion storyline per se, but is from the movie, and is among my favorite high school movie songs.


  1. Love Taapsee and Vicky but that Dirty Dancing scene is iconic for a reason.

    We had our standing all staff meeting this morning and it turned into an emotional outpouring and I get it but I just want to move to the part where we come together and handle this ****.


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