Nephew B Update, For Those Who Are Interested, He Turns 3 Weeks Old Today!

I had that horrible 2 weeks when I was just doing frazzled “gah!” posts with updates, and then I realized I’ve sort of left you all hanging. And anyway, who doesn’t like baby stories?

Nephew B arrived with a great deal of drama and anxiety, pre-eclampsia making things exciting for both Nephew B and Sister. But then by the time he was a week old, he was over it and ready to move on to the next steps of his life. Oh, and my sister is home and the doctors just want one more check up in a few weeks to give her a totally clean bill of health.

Anyway, Nephew B! So many exciting developments in his first 3 weeks! Baby Puberty has hit him, hair and pimples and oily skin everywhere, honestly the photos just get worse and worse. Also, he seems to have decided that night time is the time for crying and day time is the time for sleeping. So, pretty standard 3 week old.

It is creating a new sort of family togetherness, as there have been several mornings when my sister reported all 4 of them (sister, brother-in-law, Nephew A, and Nephew B) spent several hours crying in bed together. I understand that Nephew B is crying because he is a baby and life is horrible, and sister and brother-in-law are crying because it’s 2am and the BABY WON’T SLEEP. But why is Nephew B in there crying as well? He has his own lovely room! He could escape! Apparently there is some sort of FOMO going on where if the rest of the family is crying, he just wants to join the party? So he wakes up and starts crying too until they let him come cry in the Big Bed with everyone else. From the distance of several thousand miles, it sounds sort of cozy and nice, I don’t know why Sister complains so much. Just sleep in the daytime, sheesh!

Also, as I just reminded my sister, it is now 3 weeks finished! And the first 6 weeks are supposed to be the worst, so we are half done! And in 3 weeks, fingers crossed, I will also be able to look at baby photos without gagging a little. Truly, so gross. I just want a nice smooth skinned chubby pretty baby instead of this kind of smudgy pimply thing. Like Taimur and Jeh! Make a baby and a 3 year old like Taimur and Jeh! They never cry or are ugly or hit walls with sticks in misdirected rage (Nephew A has been very big on whamming a fly swatter onto a wall for the past 3 weeks, coincidentally).

10 thoughts on “Nephew B Update, For Those Who Are Interested, He Turns 3 Weeks Old Today!

  1. My firstborn was beautiful, chubby, shock of dark curls, light enuf for my mother, dark enuf for my mother in law. He was born on Valentines Day. Second son arrived inconveniently unexpected, ugly, bald and scrawny with skin that pleased nobody. They both turned out to be beautiful babies and model-worthy toddlers. Teens brought huge, awkward feet and pimples but they grew into slim, handsome, muscular men. Now nearing 50, the elder stoops and the younger has a paunch. Your sister has much to look forward to and you Auntie, will take it all in stride.

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  2. The one advantage your sister has going for her is that sleep deprivation disrupts memory so she’ll have a hard time remembering all of this.


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