Upcoming Reviews Homework Assignments! Brahmastra, Ante Sundaraniki, Bollywood Wives, and eventually Thiruchitrambalam

Okay, I actually read and paid attention to all your comments, your many MANY comments. And I have a starting point. Not saying I will NEVER review/watch Malaal or Never Have I Ever or Sita Raman or any of the other suggestions, but I want to start small and manageable.

Brahmastra, review 9/10

I’m seeing it tomorrow night and by golly I will get my review out on Saturday! Because if I leave it to long, my thoughts dry up and it’s harder to squeeze them out.

Bollywood Wives, review 9/17

Seems like the kind of thing I can watch in the background while working, so I will give myself the next work week to finish it and then review on Saturday.

Ante Sundaraniki, ?

It’s on my list! Looks cute and interesting and is readily available. But I don’t want to commit to a deadline I can’t make, so I will just wait and pick a date later. Just assume sometime in the next few weeks.


Definitely on my list! And still in theaters near me. So either I will see it in theaters within the next few days, or I will wait until it is streaming legally in a few weeks, or I will watch it illegally. Somehow I’ll see it.


12 thoughts on “Upcoming Reviews Homework Assignments! Brahmastra, Ante Sundaraniki, Bollywood Wives, and eventually Thiruchitrambalam

  1. Yes to all!! Can’t wait since many of these upcoming movies this year I just cannot see on screen, because they don’t show those movies in Multiplexes here or just have a super secret theatre I don’t know about.


  2. Can’t wait for the reviews. I’m curious what you’ll think about Nani-Nazriya movie.
    And don’t wait too long for Thiruchitrambalam
    watch it in cinema, it’s so sweet.


  3. All good assignments! I’m seeing Brahmastra tomorrow here in the Philly suburbs. I’m not sure I’ll like seeing a 3D version, but I wanted to see it on the big screen.

    I did really enjoy Ante…Sundaraniki! It reignited my interest in investigating rom-coms that are outside the Hindi industry. I also plan to watch the Dhanush-Nithya film someday.

    I’ve seen all of the Fab Lives two seasons and it was scripted and stupid (and tons of fun). I’ll just show up for any Arjun Kapoor content;) Watching Ek Villain Returns today I think.

    Meanwhile, I’ve continued my rom-com marathon and rewatched Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na this morning. Holds up pretty well and yet again I mourn the loss of Imran Khan. What a weird little cameo by the Khan bros and Ratna is always the best. Prateik Babbar’s critically acclaimed (including by me) turn doesn’t hold up as well considering how he later flamed out. I think the hype didn’t help and he was already troubled that’s why he suited that character but in retrospect that brother really needed some therapy. In the middle of rewatching Jab Harry Met Sejal now. I know you love it so much and it still will be on my keeper shelf because I love SRK and Anushka, too, but I’ll never believe that this role suited SRK that well, but I respect him for trying it and committing as much as he could to it. He’s just not comfortable being a player-typ and it shows. But there’s still a compelling (if intermittent) chemistry in this romance, despite the Imtiaz awkwardness/genius of it all). Also rewatched Hum Tum a few days ago and Rani is so freaking sexy. There’s no one like her now in the newer generation. And that movie is a rom-com classic.


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