Punch Sex Marry SRK Characters! First Post!

Okay, what makes this a challenge is that you HAVE to pick between the 3 I have defined, and you HAVE to limit yourself to one option for each character. And, special DCIB twist on the game, if you pick “marry” you never get to sex. Does that make sense? Either companionship and no physical affection, or physical affection for ONE NIGHT ONLY and nothing else. Oh, and ditto for the “punch” obviously. You can tell him why you are punching him, but then you punch him and walk away.

Harry from JHMS

Jug from Dear Zindagi

Anand from Kal Ho Na Ho

Okay, I’ll go first! Tell Anand that he needs to give everyone in his life full information so they can process their grief, then punch him.

One night with Jug so he can solve all my mental issues with his physical affection

Marry Harry and treat him for sex addiction by never letting him have sex again.


10 thoughts on “Punch Sex Marry SRK Characters! First Post!

  1. Punch Anand. Such a good person is annoying and he is too self-sacrificing and in love with Preity to be a good lover.

    Sex from Harry, I know he’s sad but he’s supposed to be reallyyyy good at sex. So it would be perfect.

    Marry Jug. I think he’d just be a lovely man and a great father. It would just be an adorable marriage and he’s also super mature+hot (I mean its SRK they’re all hot).


  2. I join Anonymous:
    Marrying Jug wouldn’t give me a sexless life because he would understand that we have to get our sex elsewhere…but how marvellous our talks would be…and all the games we could play…and maybe there will come a time when I’m not bound anymore to Margaret’s command of a sexless relation with Jug.
    I could not do this to Harry…may he get happy with Sejal!


  3. Sleep with Harry, because boy does that sound like an experience.

    Marry Jug I guess because I don’t want to marry Aman. Also he seems wise and kind and generally pleasant to spend time with.

    I don’t exactly want to punch Aman. I don’t think I would have handled his situation any better than he did. But yeah he’s one of SRK’s more irritating characters.


  4. Anand is dead, right? So he might be a safe option for me for sex. A ghost can’t get too physical.

    I don’t really have a clear memory of Jug as a character. Which obviously means that he’s boring and deserving of a punch. Might actually be therapeutic, lashing out at a therapist like that.

    Which leaves Harry to marry. I kind of liked his character, and if it’s clear that we won’t have sex, he’ll be able to do whatever he wants with whoever he wants in that respect. Bonus point: He already knows German and has been able to fit in in Germany.


  5. Immediately I knew I wanted sex Anand – he is written and played as a god, selfless and and too good to be true. So hopefully he would be selfless in bed too.

    And then I want to punch Jug, because he just isn’t (to me) what you the rest of you think. He isn’t a good father, he isn’t near his kid. I’m pretty sure his wife divorced him for a reason, like maybe he slept with a client? He’s a decent therapist, but most therapists are actually crazy, so whatever he gets my punch.

    So I guess I get to Marry Harry. But I’m not Indian or pure and can give him no connection to his homeland so I’m not sure our compansionship will fulfill his needs, but hey, we would get along travelling together. Not sure how he would deal with my kids though!


    • Harry would resist your kids because he doesn’t think he deserves happiness, and then eventually give in and become the most unhealthily sacrificial parent EVER. you would never have to do anything for them again.


  6. Punch Anand, but I’d feel terrible for it so it’d probably be more of a fist nudge.

    Sex Jug; he’d it the most comfortable one night stand possible and his voice is so much with the swoony.

    Marry Harry, like a shot. Nurmahal here I come 💘 Sex is my lowest priority in a relationship and I really need to give that man a (platonic) hug. We get to hug, right? And I get to drive the tractor and sing?


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