Shahrukh Month Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have a At Home Day!

Albie is curled up next to me, I’ve got my fake fire space heater going, I just want to settle in today and do a puzzle and be happy.

Here’s a nice cozy thing I want to talk about today. For Shahrukh Month.

You and Shahrukh are hanging out together on a cozy fall day, you’ve got a fire going and it’s raining outside. You are snuggled up on the couch together. What media do you most want to share with him?

Do you want to listen to a book on tape, or a radio show or podcast, and take about it? Maybe binge an interesting Netflix show? Or watch a movie (including one of his) and talk about it?

I would want to settle in and watch Western black and white classics with him. I know he knows His Girl Friday (inspiration for Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani), but what about Laura? Or Casablanca? Or Murder My Sweet? Or The Thin Man? Or To Be or Not To Be? Or early Hitchcock, like Young and Innocent or The Lady Vanishes? Or anything by Preston Sturges?

I think SRK would be a GREAT person to watch movies with, he would see cool things and be enthusiastic and interested. And I would love to share my passion for old movies with him. And black and white movies are just so cozy on rainy days.


5 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have a At Home Day!

  1. I have gone nuts on jigsaw puzzles lately, my go-to stress breaker, so it has to be a puzzle. It’s slow and relaxing, can be done with others and leaves plenty of time for chat. In this instance a no-pressure chat is the important part and it takes a looonnnng time.

    I recently found a site which has a an enormous catalogue, made to order I think, so they are a bit expensive, but I treated myself to 2 x I000 piece Indian miniature paintings, which I love, and a Shahrukh based one.

    If he needs a break I’ll send him off to play video games with my son – I think he would enjoy a little zombie killing.

    I’d love to watch and discuss his movies with him but he often says he doesn’t like to watch them once he’s done them, and I would just fan girl anyway, so no.


    • Oh man, Shahrukh would get super intense about puzzles! Which could be fun to watch. And also fun to force him to take a break for some hot chocolate and talk.


  2. On a slightly different topic, India played Pakistan in cricket at the MCG in Melbourne today. A crowd of 90,000 turned up. India won the match and the largely Indian crowd celebrated the moment by singing Chak de India.
    There’s a small clip on YouTube and Twitter – search for MCG Chak de India. What a fantastic anthem it is.

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