Happy Shahrukh Day!!!!!!!!!! He Has Blessed Us With a Photo, and a Teaser!!!!!

Happy Shahrukh Day!!!!! I invited friends over which may turn into 0 or 5 people, but I am DEFINITELY making a cake. And just generally being happy all day.

Thank you Kirre!!!! For giving me the Official Birthday Selfie:

And the Pathaan Teaser!!!

Most of all, what is making me feel good is the outpouring of love that I am seeing. When searching for links to these, I found articles about his top movies, top scenes, the crowds waiting outside, all GOOD things. I know the bad is still out there, it always is, but if on one day the Good can beat back the Bad, then it could happen again and again and again until the Bad becomes a weak and mewling thing in the shadows.


17 thoughts on “Happy Shahrukh Day!!!!!!!!!! He Has Blessed Us With a Photo, and a Teaser!!!!!

  1. Happy Shahrukh Day! I hope you have a great day 🙂

    Also the teaser looks really good! Much better than the first teaser/announcement thing that they released.


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  4. Happy Shahrukh day!

    And yes, I also noticed more love sor SRK recently. Brahmastra may not be a good movie, and I know you don’t like it, but it reminded people how good Shah Rukh is and how much we all miss and need him. Since the release I noticed more and more articles and stuff about our man, all respectful and nostalgic. Now let’s hope Pathaan will reaffirm SRK supremacy.


  5. I watched a live stream of him greeting his fans at 12:05 am Mumbai time and the combination of the screaming and seeing him smiling and waving and playing the crowd had me on cloud nine. I still hadn’t come down from that when the teaser dropped and I was so absolutely hyped I couldn’t sleep. I am now having fun scrounging around on twitter and youtube for clips from the SRKDay event. The amount of love I’ve seen in the past 24 hours, both from the fans for SRK and from SRK for his fans, has been overwhelming in the best way possible.

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    • YEs! This is why Shahrukh Day is the BEST holiday!!!! Even if you aren’t a fan, the idea of this international community of love and positivity celebrating together is amazing. And if you are a fan, it just makes you feel so belonging!


  6. For Pathaan’s trailer. It looks like War 2, but I like it a lot. After the terrible Diwali trailers , this one looks like a big, well made, solid movie . Great mix of bollywood and western action. I want it in my cinema.


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