Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on HALLOWEEN??? And, the last Monday of Shahrukh Month

Happy HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I took today off work because I knew I would be up late last night, and also HALLOWEEN! So glad I did, I am all sleepy today and happy to be cozy and not think.

You know what would be a good idea for Rocky Horror? Matinees! You go to a nice 10am show, you make everyone be quite so you can focus on the dialogue, and then you go out for lunch and go home for a nap. Anyway, I had fun last night, but so LATE!!! And so LOUD!!!! And such a fascinating statement on outsider culture and pop history and no one was letting me CONCENTRATE.

Anyway, Questions! Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “have you seen…..trailer?” to “tell me the history of horror movies in India”. Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!!!

Before my question for you, very important announcement, This Year for Halloween Albie Dog was……A Monarch Butterfly! Or, a Monarch Albie Butterfly. Or, Albie Monarch Butterfly. Whatever you want to call him.

Now, question for you! Or rather, a series of questions and you can answer anyone you want. Like a bunch of “treats” for Halloween!

Would anyone be interested in another bunch of DCIB Book club picks?

What SRK Bracket ideas did I miss?

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween?

What upcoming movies in theaters/streaming should I consider watching?

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Do you have any plans for Shahrukh Day?


36 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on HALLOWEEN??? And, the last Monday of Shahrukh Month

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  2. Monarch Butterfly Albie!…what a cutie 😀
    Halloween…such in nice thing in our village…I receive the little (and not so little anymore) monsters with a witch mask (surprise! surprise!)…what a fun 🙂
    Our kids are countess Dracula, the Omega man and a skeleton (hopefully they come back with a loooot of treats)…
    One more bracket came to my mind: SRK’s cameos (but I didn’t “miss” it 😉 )
    Favourite Halloween Candy = Duplo (a chocolate-biscuit bar)
    Yep, ShahRukh day will be an online day (as much as possible)

    Thanks for the Paheli watch along…I loved to read you all who could make it (Margaret, I think I wrote about my dilemma with posting the Monday before last Monday…did you read it? Really don’t know what to do…)

    And yes…the history of Hindi/Indian Horror movies is a good idea 🙂


  3. So cute!!

    Book club would be lovely!

    And question: what are your favorite hindi film Halloween watches? Paheli excluded.

    For me, SRK day is a double treat, since it’s my baby cousin’s birthday, so I get to double celebrate. And that’s after celebrating for the last 5 days, since it was my birthday on the 27th! October/November is awesome.

    Albie is adorable!!


  4. I just saw someone writing about the best acting moments in recent malayalam films and I thought this can be a good question or post for the blog. But because it’s still SRK month: what, in your opinion, are the best acting moments in the last SRK movies? Sorry if you’ve already written about it.
    After Shah Rukh birthday we can discuss the best acting scenes in recent hindi films.


    • Oooo, I like that question! I’d say his best acting moments in recent films are when he asks if the baby is normal in Zero, when he talks about his Dad on the beach in DZ and you know his Dad is dead somehow, and the final fight scene in JHMS.


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  6. Did you dress up as a butterfly to match Albie? I let myself eat candy on Halloween, and now I can’t seem to stop myself from eating candy today. I’ve lost 45 pounds over the last year and a half and it is being severely challenged by Halloween candy.

    I’m turning facebook halloween posts public so you can see the family costumes.

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  7. As it is already ShahRukh-birthday, I want to post this video (which also celebrates his 30 years in Hindi filmindustry). I think, one of the best edits I’ve seen about combining these two celebrations.


  8. Albie’s butterfly costume is adorable!!! What did you dress up as?

    P.S. THANK YOU for my halloween card and colored picture! The message in the picture is not safe for website but it was EXACTLY what I needed! The picture is at my desk and I look at it often!


    • I dressed up as “Margaret with a lightup Pumpkin headband”. One of my best costumes, I think. And yes, I wore it all day, including when I went to vote, and had the electrician in to look at our fuses. The election judges admired it enormously.

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      • Very clever! My friend gave me a pumpkin onesie for the Baby and I have a matching pumpkin shirt, so even though it is no longer Halloween, I might have to put us both in those outfits and send her a picture!


  9. Tomorrow 3 new movies are releasing:

    Phone Bhoot (Katrina/Sidhant/Ishaan)
    Double XL (Sonakshi/Huma )
    Mili (Janhvi, remake of malayalam movie Helen)

    Are you planning to watch one of them?


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