DCIB Christmas Give-Away Week 1: Congrats KIRRE!!!!!!

Congratulations Kirre! You made 7 more comments this week than Angie!!!! You win a CARD!!!! I am very excited to design something amazing for you.

Normally this post goes up on Sunday, but I was on vacation and got all confused. Anyhoo, Kirre made the most comments from Sunday the 6th through Sunday the 13th. Next winner will be most comments 13th through 20th!

I will have to think deeply about the card design for Kirre now, but right now I just have to ask her what she thinks about the new Netflix series about Sisi-the-anorexic-Empress?


13 thoughts on “DCIB Christmas Give-Away Week 1: Congrats KIRRE!!!!!!

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  2. Congrats Kirre.

    Please don’t read under this line Kirre


    Margaret, you can include Dev Mohan photo in your card. I’m sure Kirre will like it.

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  3. Wow! What a surprise! Been so busy with school I really didn’t pay much attention to the comments I made, just updating with news etc as usual.

    I haven’t yet watched The Empress on Netflix, so I can’t say. And yeah Sisi was anorexic or bulimic, so that is accurate. There are clear inaccuracies like the costumes and the love story between Franz Josef and her, but other than that I can’t say. It is one inaccurate telling of the tale, which we have gotten many times before, but at least we have it. Also, there is a tie-in book that might add some depth if the series cut something.

    I still insist on reading Helen Rapport’s ‘The Reluctant Empress’ or watching the 2005 Vienna revival of Elisabeth das Musical on youtube with English subtitles if you want a more accurate story (with music!). One is a straightforward biography, while the other shows the uglier side but still makes us understand with it why we crave the fairy tale that is Empress Elisabeth ‘Sisi’ of Austria-Hungary. Honestly, one of the best musicals because of that very reason.


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