Happy Christmas Season! I’m already Exhausted

Happy Christmas!!! I am trying very VERY hard to cut down on my expectations for myself this year. We will see how it goes.

Last year I got 3 very fancy Christmas storage bags, one just for lights, one just for ornaments, and then a big clear one for miscellaneous. And this year I realized “hey! I could just leave everything but the miscellaneous bag downstairs!” So that’s what I did and now I have my Christmas puzzles, my Christmas sweaters, Albie’s Christmas sweaters, the Christmas welcome mat for the front door, and I don’t think I really need anything else?

We are getting a tree on Sunday, a cut-your-own-Christmas-tree farm experience. But I think I might just do red paper chains to decorate? Instead of digging out all the fragile ornaments and such?

The only remaining Big Responsibility is making handmade gifts, which is a responsibility I have given myself, pretty sure my relatives don’t know/care if I make the presents by hand. I did already buy the ingredients, but now I am thinking, maybe I re-gift the ingredients as a lovely present to crafty folks on my list? So then that’s not a waste.

Oh this makes me feel so much more relaxed! Now there’s just the fun stuff to do, making the DCIB Xmas cards and shopping for Albie and Nephew presents.

Speaking of Nephew presents (SISTER DON’T READ THIS), if you were a 3 year old little boy who is really into Cars and also Jumping Off Things, what would you want? What I really think he’d love is going to one of those big jump pillow places, but is there some at home version of that?

And if you were 4 months old (SISTER DON’T READ THIS), what is a really really cute thing you could wear?

And of course, dog presents (ALBIE DON’T READ THIS). Does he need more sweaters? Maybe a hat? A Santa toy he can rip the head off of?

(Custom made formal Sherwani?)


10 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Season! I’m already Exhausted

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    • Maybe it’s post-pandemic fatigue? This is the first year I went on trips, we had a large Thanksgiving, and there’s the option of birthday parties, group outings, and so on. And just doing that has worn me out so that I am out of interest with doing more. I’m out of training! I can’t handle this much activity!


  2. Probably the “Big Responsibility” makes you exhausted?
    In my family we only give gifts to children because we think that it is predominently a festivity because of a child. Still, some times, I get a nice gift (or I give a small gift to the adults), but that isn’t a regular thing. So, there is no pressure because of expectations from adults.

    Margaret, I’ve a question: Did you ever post recommendations for books about Hindi cinema/actors/directors… I know you wrote about Karan’s bio and Rishi’s one, but were there others?


    • For me, small presents at Christmas are the only way I stay in touch with my more distant relatives. I like having that one small “I remember you, second cousin once removed” moment. I suppose I could migrate to doing cards instead, but I like sending something physical. I just put together my list for this year and it was kind of nice going through the family tree mentally and remembering “oh, he just had a baby this year! I can send something little for the baby!”

      As for books, I’m just gonna list off the ones I remember without needing to think about it because they were so good. Helen by Jerry Pinto, Bombay Before Bollywood by Rosie Thomas, The Kapoors by Madhu Jain, Amitabh by Susmita Dasgupta, Rekha: the Untold Story by Yassar Usman, Meena Kumari by vinod Mehta. And obviously, King of Bollywood but I know you’ve already read that one!


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