Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on Raj Kapoor’s Birthday?

Happy Wednesday! Dumb Dog woke me up at 6am by throwing up, probably because of something he sniffed/ate on a walk because he is DUMB. All you parents don’t know how lucky you are to have children instead of dogs. He woke me up after ONLY 7 HOURS OF SLEEP!!!! I’m gonna be cross all day.

I’ll start!

Reading: All the fun excitement around a new SRK song. Love it or hate it, people are talking about it. And seem to be talking in a fun “it’s just a movie” kind of way. Yaaaaaay! (if I am wrong, please don’t tell me)

Watching: Bake Off! Just sitting in my living room making Christmas gifts and watching Bake Off, the perfect day. Maybe I should be watching something more challenging, but I’m tired, the dog woke me up.

Thinking: I finished all my annual doctor’s appointments!!! Went to the dentist the yesterday and now I am DONE. Maybe I shouldn’t have all my annuals at the same time? But on the other hand, it’s easy to remember if they are all at the same time instead of spread out. I just have one very busy week at the end of November/beginning of December.

Listening: Christmas Christmas! Low energy dang dog woke me up Christmas:

Now, question for you! It’s Raj Kapoor’s Birthday! What is your favorite Raj movie?

I’m a Shree 420 person myself. Awara is too dark to my taste, and his other stuff is fun but just not quite as good. Runner up choice, of course, Bobby.


34 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to on Raj Kapoor’s Birthday?

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  2. I have never seen an entire Raj Kapoor film. SHAME.

    REading: I’ve been sick, and sometimes just dont’ want to watch TV, so I actually READ (which I haven’t been doing much of). I read What Came Ashore at Lirios by James Tiptree , Jr. a fantasy short story whose author disguised her gender for decades to make it in the science fiction world. Shockingly many of her stories deal with gender, the one I read certainly did. It’s good story.

    Watching: I saw part of Brahmastra, but got bored during the big car chase. It just seemed like such a losing battle and I didn’t have a clear idea of why I didn’t want them to lose.

    I started watching Bumper in Berlin to see pictures of Berlin, but the characters annoy me.

    I started watching Only Murders in the Building, which is fantastic.

    I saw part of Bullet Train thinking it would be a fun action adventure for the family, but the violence was more nightmarish than dance choreography so we turned it off.

    I saw the Harry & Meghan documentary and while all the news (especially the British news) trash the series as being old hat it wasn’t stuff I really knew, as I’m not a royal watcher. It was fascinating. What it really highlighted was the cultural differences between Brits and Americans. The idea that you do have to bow to your own Grandmother is wierd, and being surprised by that isn’t disrespectful as much as being truthful. But it is interesting, reading all the responses to the documentary how Meghan being truthful elicits STRONG hatred. When I lived abroad I had a lot of British expat friends, but my friends were the EXPATS, the ones that left. And none of my friends went to Eton. And Meghan brought up the class question, where people ask you where you went to school as a way of gauging your background. And it made me think of class in the U.S., as you will get that question more on the EAstcoast and in larger cities. No one asks where you went to school in rural California (but they do in Berkeley). I watched a stupid Netflix hairdresser catching the heart of the Prince movie – and this is the story in real life! And it doesn’t end well! Or at least it doesn’t end in a castle. Honestly, I will happily watch these people for years to come – How does every girls childhood fantasy actually play out?


  3. I have not watched anything fun recently because life is hard! I still need to watch PS-1 and really really want Legend of Maula Jatt to become available online so I can watch it.

    Oh, actually wait, I did watch Ticket to Paradise with George Clooney and Julia Roberts and it was very cute! I love them both and they had such comfortable chemistry that only comes from actors who have been friends for ages. It was really nice to see. Plus, George Clooney is still very HOT, and Julia Roberts is gorgeous and has the BEST legs I have ever seen. It is available on Peacock for anyone that is interested.

    In other news, my sister watched Om Shanti Om again for the millionth time yesterday and noticed that the Bollywood wives – Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Panday are in the movie!!! It is the scene at the filmfare awards when they ask actors who will win. I am sending you the screen shots on text to post in case anyone else is interested in watching the movie again and finding this Easter egg.


    • I saw Ticket to Paradise too! I was less enamored with the movie. I found Julia Robert’s constant pant and short suits unflattering, but George Clooney was hot. The movie needed more jokes, and a second night of them together drunk or some sort of just them reconnecting sequence. I didn’t think it was a bad movie, I just didn’t think it was a good movie either.

      I’ll have to speed watch Om Shanti Om to find that Easter egg!

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      • Ha! I think jumpsuits are so divisive. You either love them or hate them. I loved her jumpsuits. I think maybe because if I were traveling so far away, I would probably pack something similar. It’s one piece instead of two and I don’t have to worry about coordinating outfits while on vacation.

        I agree that nothing really happens and I would have loved another drunken scene too. But to me, it felt just so comforting to watch. I liked that the focus really was on Julia Robert’s and George Clooney’s romance even thought the kids did get screen time and their wedding was the reason they were there. I am a sucker for older second chance romances! I also found Gede’s character to be surprisingly engaging. I say surprisingly because I think it’s hard to stand out when you have George and Julia on screen and he stood out to me.

        To me, this was the perfect movie to watch after a long day at work while I drank hot chocolate and decorated the Christmas tree. Just nice and comforting.


      • The movie is formulaic. But to me, I really don’t mind that. Most Indian romances I watch are formulaic and the trailer pretty much sums it all. I enjoyed it because I love watching romances with older people who have tried and true chemistry. To me, if I were to compare it to Indian movies, it would be like watching Shah Rukh-Juhi romance if they played their current age. The actors are both charming and attractive, the chemistry is easy and comfortable. It is just drinking warm hot chocolate by the fire or eating Americanized Chinese food from a takeout container. Something about it is nostalgic and comforting to me.


        • Also, I should again reiterate. Nothing really happens. So if that is something you find boring this is not the movie for you. This is a movie to watch if you really love George Clooney and Julia Roberts, which I do.


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  5. This week my good luck for movies ended. I watched tamil movie Nitham Oru Vaanam as soon as it appeared on Netflix, because I was very intrygued by its trailer.

    It seemed there will be 3 love stories with the same actor and I was curious how the stories are. Unfortunately it’s not one guy who loved 3 times, but something like anthology film glued together by one actor. I hate anthologies. The only thing I hate more are female characters with cancer added to movies just for some cheap melodrama. And guess what? This film has it also!

    Seems the people loved this film, but I found it boring, predictable and emotionless. The only good part was when Sshivada showed up. I love her. I didn’t know she is in this film, so it was great surprise. She was on screen for 5 minutes , but it was enough for make me cry. Then the movie become lifeless again. Waste of time.

    I aslo watched the famous Kantara. It was ok, but not my kind of film at all.

    And today I finished absolutely random malayalam movie Priyan Ottathilanu. I really don’t know why I watched it (maybe because I have a soft spot for Sharafudheen and here he finally plays the hero?). Malayalis really are the masters in making the movies with almost no plot. This one is about a people pleaser who never says no. Entire movie is just him making different errands, riding from one place to another. Well made, with good actors, but why did I watch it?
    I have so many other films to watch before the year end, I should focus on them e.g Qala, Gargi or Charlie 777


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  7. I also have not watched a single Raj Kapoor movie in its entirety, a fact which I just realized with this post. I have been just happily going along thinking I was watching Raj Kapoor movies, but I’ve seen movies with Waheeda and Nargis and assorted other Kapoors. I watched the beginning of Awara one time but then my Internet dropped and I never finished it. This is definitely a project for the new year.

    I finally was able to finish Dear Friend and I liked it, but it goes a bit darker than I expected. I don’t want to spoil anyone, but be prepared. It makes a good point, I think, about the end of the time in our youth when we can just hang out in a big house with all our friends, and eventually the real world must be entered, and it can be pretty sad. Really liked Darshana Rajendran, an actress I’ve never seen before. She’s got the same fresh and understated quality as Sai Pallavi and Sanya Malhotra and Mithila and people like that.

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  8. Nice things to watch and talk about:
    Shahrukh at Kolkata Film Festival was such a darling and so handsome. He also spoke a little Bengali. He is a gem.

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