Very SRK Valentine’s! 12 Days of Things to Discuss! Starting with, Jodis!

As long term readers know, I always do a Valentine’s theme. And I was gonna be fancy this year, but whatever, Pathaan is still in theaters and we are all riding a wave of SRK love, so let’s DO this!!!!

For each Jodi, rank first to last for chemistry!

Shahrukh and Deepika


Top chemistry, they both feel adult and sexy and powerful

Chennai Express

Next best chemistry, they’ve got a great swoony romance vibe here

Happy New Year

This would be last, except for the two moments in the middle of songs when their eyes meet

Om Shanti Om

Dips is super cute and young in this, it just feels more like friendship than equals to me.

Shahrukh and Anushka

Jab Harry Met Sejal

So many magical moments in this, crazy sexual and mental and every kind of chemistry

Jab Tak Hain Jaan

Such good chemistry it ruined the movie because you just wanted them together all the time. But they weren’t, so behind JHMS

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

A very soft quiet kind of chemistry here, but effective


I just hate everything about this movie

Shahrukh and Kajol


Purely for chemistry, it’s the tops. They are mature and sexy and super good together even if the plot’s nonsense.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

One word: Gazebo

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

One word: Bangles

My Name is Khan

Very traumatic movie that I never want to watch again, but you really REALLY buy them as a couple in this


So good, but they are so young. The pure chemistry isn’t distilled yet.


Yeh Kaali Jaali Aankhen!!!!


Roll in the hay!

Shahrukh and Juhi

One 2 Ka 4

Mess of a movie, super super sexy.

Yes Boss

They are mostly friend-energy in this, but that just makes the moments of romance that more intense.

Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman

Cute young passionate couple! Like puppies.

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

Definitely Friend Energy in this one.


Sigh. I wasn’t even gonna include this, but then I remembered Lily P and Twinkles. Be grateful! I put in your stupid movie!

Shahrukh and Rani

Chalte Chalte

Marriage realness vibes, plus love and sex and warmth and good things.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

This would be the top because they have a lot of swoony moments here, but also a lot of angst, and angst isn’t sexy.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Pretty darn good for a first movie!

Okay, now fight me!!!


22 thoughts on “Very SRK Valentine’s! 12 Days of Things to Discuss! Starting with, Jodis!

  1. SRK and DP – agree with you
    SRK and anushka – I would put JTHJ on top and then RNBDJ then JHMS (I felt something was just off in JHMS)
    With Kajol – KKHH gazebo takes the cake, followed by K3G especially the deleted scenes, Baazigar, MNIK and DDLJ this one is very tough I am very unsure.
    With Juhi – I don’t have an opinion at all, their pairing never hit me hard I dunno why


  2. Let’s see where do I fight…
    With Juhi Yes Boss is clearly #1
    With Kajol I think Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is #1 – even when they are “friends” in college their chemistry is so much greater than what he has with Rani.

    I don’t really have anything else to fight about. I don’t hate zero, but chemistry wise, Anushka was so focused on getting her charactature correct that I think she forgot about actually pretending to like SRK’s character.

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  3. Hell yeah lets go!

    Kajol: If one more person tries to tell me they’re secretly in love and should get married I will kill them.
    K3G – All of the moments combined just barely top the gazebo.
    KKHH – Gazebo self explanatory
    Dilwale – They’re wonderful together IN SPITE of Rohit Shetty. It still makes me mad that the opportunity to have them together again was wasted on him.
    DDLJ – they just click so well emotionally
    MNIK – the chemistry wasn’t the point but it was there
    Baazigar – they’re both babies
    I haven’t seen Karan Arjun

    Rani: I don’t understand why some people don’t like her. Personally I think she’s a very good actress and absolutely stunning.
    Paheli – It’s just divine. Beautiful and playful and emotional.
    Chalte Chalte – Tauba Tumhare Yeh Ishare is 11/10 chemistry
    KKHH – good but overshadowed
    I haven’t seen KANK

    Deepika: I like her. Not as much as Kajol and Rani though.
    Chennai Express – the temple scene is too powerful
    Pathaan – there are good moments but Rubai is always guarded and in the first half it felt more like she was trying to seduce him and not genuine
    HNY – a couple nice moments but it was barely even part of the plot
    OSO – idk if this one even counts because Shanti isn’t in love with Om and Om isn’t in love with Sandy

    Anushka: I love her as an actresses, but she’s not my favorite with SRK
    JHMS – Duh
    JTHJ – I don’t know why but the idea of loyalty and undying, unbreakable love is irrationally important to me. It’s why I love Shahrukh and Gauri so much and why I still haven’t watched KANK. In JTHJ I didn’t want him to be with Anushka despite the chemistry. I just wished Meera had been a more likeable character and Kat a better actress.
    Zero – I don’t like the movie but I LOVE Anushka’s performance and the dynamic between their characters.
    RNBDJ – her character is so reserved it’s hard to tell if she has chemistry at all till the very end

    Juhi: I’ve only seen One 2 Ka 4, PBDHH, and Darr. Yes Boss is next on the list though.


  4. SRK – Kajol Every SRK jodi list must start with this jodi because it is just iconic
    – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – by far the SEXIEST chemistry. Yeah yeah, the gazebo scene, but the basketball scene when they meet again and SRK loosens her sari, or Ladki Badi Anjaani Hai when he literally has to turn around when the wind blows away part of her see through sari because he might have gotten a little too excited and it’s a family movie! I will fight anyone on this!
    – K3G – I love them in this so much and the bangle scene for me personally is sexier then the gazebo scene. Also, in Banno ki Saheli the jewelry getting stuck scene is also so full of tension and teasing but I think I love them the most after being married. However, here it’s more a love plus close friendship type of chemistry. That’s the only reason this one comes after KKHH for me.
    – Karan Arjun – I love that Kajol is so horny of SRK in this one. If I am remembering it right. But they are young and cute.
    – Dilwale – I enjoy this movie a lot but their chemistry to me feels a bit forced. It doesn’t feel as easy going as some of the other movies.
    – DDLJ – iconic but they are babies. It feels weird to call this one sexy.
    – MNIK – the chemistry is good but the movie makes me cry too much.
    – Baazigar – I hate this stupid movie so much!

    SRK – Juhi A close second jodi in my opinion after SRK-Kajol
    – One 2 Ka 4 – Neither of them should have fallen for the other but they can’t help it. SRK is a bit of a jerk but comes around. Juhi is just adorable and easy to fall in love with. So sexy, so adorable.
    – Yes Boss – the slow burn, friends to lovers. I love it.
    – Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani – definitely comfortable friend energy here but also enemies to lovers troupe, which I love.
    – Raja Hindustani – young, sweet, fresh.
    – Duplicate – I like the movie, but the chemistry just isn’t there for me.

    SRK – Rani
    – Chalte Chalte – I strongly dislike this movie but I can’t deny their chemistry in this one. It is hot. It might also be the only thing that makes them stay in this stupid marriage. So gotta give it to this one.
    – Paheli – Sweet, romantic, the honesty between this is so refreshing. I love it.
    – KKHH – I don’t care that she’s only there for the first part. The love story just makes sense because the chemistry is there right from the beginning.
    – K3G – I am adding this one because even though they are in just a few scenes together the friendship, the camaraderie is amazing! Friend chemistry but chemistry nonetheless and deserves to be on the list for

    SRK – Deepika I adore Deepika but their chemistry just doesn’t fly off the charts in any of the movies.
    In at least two of them, she falls for him, she looks adoringly at him, he’s a jerk, and eventually comes around. I honestly would rate Chennai Express, HNY evenly as a meh. Pathaan I would rate slightly higher because he falls for her first, she is a bit more calculating. And probably OSO I would rate the highest maybe because both take turns pining for each other.

    I think this is where I probably disagree with you the most, Margaret. I don’t think Deepika being the aggressor and falling for SRK first, SRK being a jerk until he gets over himself and falls for Deepika works for me. The only time this troupe really works for me is with SRK and Juhi (One 2 Ka 4) and maybe with SRK and Kajol (Karan Arjun), maybe it’s because they feel more equal.

    SRK – Anushka
    Weirdly to me, SRK-Anushka jodi feels a bit more equal to me in movies than some SRK-Deepika movies but it’s another one where the chemistry doesn’t jump out of the screen for me. I think out of all of them JHMS is clearly the first after multiple watches. I have learned to like this movie, and the second half brings that chemistry on, but it is still not my favorite. RDBDJ is probably second although again this movie bothers me. I don’t like that SRK turns into Raj to give Taani all the happiness in the world and then says he can’t change and she must choose Suri. I know I am in the minority here but I have never liked that part of the movie. And Zero sucks so that’s obviously last.


  5. Ooh fun!

    Deepika: Pathaan first. That forehead touch🔥 Then CE, HNY, OSO, so I guess we agree 😊

    Anushka: oof this is hard. But I think agree here too. JHMS is the ultimate, JTHJ I have to turn off before the final scene which contradicts my headcanon, in RNBDJ Anushka’s chemistry is (rightfully) switched off so long, Zero has its moments but nothing on the first three.

    Kajol: MNIK, hands down. And the sexy bits are such an incredible triumph of representation done right too 💙 Then Dilwale. Then Baazigar, K3G, the rest together (they’re such adorable puppies to me in those).

    Juhi: One 2 Ka 4 (love this bonkers film 😁)
    DUPLICATE!!! 🎉 Just because. I will not be taking questions.
    Then PBDHH, Yes Boss, wildcard entry: that one with the Amitabh ghost, RBGG.

    Rani: Paheli, easily. So good. Then KANK (ahem, angst is super sexy), Chalte Chalte, Kuch Kuch.

    And overall: JHMS.


  6. 1. Shah/Kajol- KKHH’s gazebo scene will forever be top tier plus the bangles scene in K3G. But there’s honestly always something about each one of their romances throughout their movies that is captivating and “just feels right”.

    2. Shah/Rani- I honestly fell in love with their interactions in KKHH; I would’ve loved to see the happy married years they had leading up to Rani’s death. KANK is my favorite one of their romances though; so incredibly toxic, sexy and interesting to follow. And Chalte Chalte shows the maturity and lonh way they are willing to go to work and fight for their love.

    3. Shah/Anushka- I would’ve ranked them lower before but JHMS really became one of my favorite comfort movies over the years. JTHJ already showed their potential as a couple but JHMS really solidified their romance. Plus, RNBDJ just makes me happy-cry whenever I see it.

    4. Shah/Deepika- I feel that their romance always gets lost in the sauce because of all the big blockbuster films they made together. Yes, they look amazing, the chemistry is somehow there but I never felt they same intimacy/closeness between them as with Anushka and Shah. Pathaan did make me reconsider some things though

    5. Shah/Juhi- Again, kind of my least favorite pairing overall. Even him and Karishma had more chemistry in their one movie together! Him and Juhi just always had such a “friend/buddy” relationship for me. I just can’t imagine them really “getting it on” or “burning in love” over each other.

    BONUS COUPLE: Shah/Preity- I am honestly in love with each film they’ve done together. Such complicated romances, varying in all kinds of types (young love, lost love, rivals, everlasting love); really wish they would’ve done more projects together!

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    • You are making me feel bad for rejecting SRK-Preity! I thought of them, but I could only remember KHNH which wasn’t enough. totally forgot about Veer-Zaara!


  7. I can really only contribute to Dips, Anushka, and Kajol, because I’ve seen most, if not all of the movies.

    Have to agree with you on the Dips ranking. Pathaan had the most raw sexual chemistry of anyone on the list. But in terms of couples who I think will stick it out in the long run, which could be another fun but different post idea, I’m going Rahul and Meena. It’s the best romance of theirs.

    Anushka, I’m very inclined to agree with yours as well. Something in me wants to switch JTHJ and JHMS. Even if I wasn’t a fan of either movie, it’s the same kind of thing with Pathaan vs. Chennai Express. Their chemistry in JHMS was purely raw and sexual, but in JTHJ their relationship was the most believable. That one might have been what sold me on their jodi, idk.

    Kajol is the one I would switch around the most, even if I haven’t seen all of the movies and can’t really explain my choices besides vibes. Here’s my list:
    – KKHH
    – MNIK
    – K3G
    – DDLJ
    – Dilwale
    – Karan Arjun
    – Baazigar


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