Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day Before SRK Valentines????

Happy Monday! And Happy Last Day of Very SRK Valentines!!!! Heads up, Lisa is catching up on JHMS, so if you feel the need for new exciting JHMS conversation, check out her comments on my part by part post.

Here is where you get to ask me anyting you want from “Margaret, do you have a kitchen yet?” to “are you done watching Pathaan, or is there one more trip scheduled?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!!!

Now, question for you! Pretty simple one, Would you like a Valentine’s Card from me? If so, just comment below and I will mail it if I already have your address, or reach out if I need your address.

I’ll give a bonus question for “Galentine’s Day”, the new pre-Valentine’s holiday to celebrate female friendship: Which Indian celebrity do you most want as a girlfriend friend?

There are so many great options here! Sonam would be loyal and build you up, Dips would be emotionally intelligent and understanding, Anushka would be an angry feminist. I think I’m gonna go Preity though. She has a dog, she seems relaxed about life, her house is nice and her husband is nice.


51 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Day Before SRK Valentines????

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  3. I think I’d want to be friends with Farah Khan and Neha Dhupia. They are both feisty, cool, and have no filters:) Of the big stars probably Vidya (since she seems like the most relatable).

    I was having fun looking at the red carpet for Sid and Kiara’s reception this weekend. Did you watch them or see the pictures? I thought Kriti Sanon and Shilpa Shetty looked the most amazing. Kriti really is my new fave of the younger lot. And of course Vidya rocked an unusual but eye-catching look. Bhumi’s whole look was not great (she looked uncomfortable and the pearl choker was an odd choice). Looks like Kiara wore her wedding day necklace again with the black and white look here and it was cool to see that continuity. Looked like they gave some directions for the dress code. Formal black for men (Abhishek, Ishan, and Ranveer all looked great) and glamorous (Manish Malhotra style) saris for the women.

    Always interesting to see who showed up for the carpet and who didn’t (though of course some people sneak in later). I do think they really do have date conflicts and are filming somewhere else sometimes. No Arjun and Malaika:( I think there is something up there honestly. Kareena and Karan came together and she just looks so easily glamorous. Not that surprised that Alia and Neetu both were there together. Sid and Alia’s breakup never seemed acrimonious.

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    • I know the question was not for me but I have to answer.
      Kriti and Shilpa looked indeed great. I liked Bhumi. And I liked Alia (which is strange because usually I find her very boring) and Mira Kapoor. Rakul Preet and her boyfriend Jackky Baghnani looked very good, and IMO more “newlywed” than the actuall newlyweds. I didn’t like Kiara’s look. The dress is nice but the necklace didn’t look good with square neckline. And Sid looked diffrent. He is so handsome, in some movies it’s hard to take eyes of him, and here , on his wedding reception he looked bad. IDK maybe he is tired or something, but I didn’t like his hair and outfit.

      Best men: Ranveer and Ishaan


      • I was just seeing some of the picks of Ananya and Aditya Roy Kapur at the reception. She did look very pretty. I think I like them as a (rumored) couple.


        • Yes. I like Ananya and ARK as a rumored couple also!

          Okay, my 2 cents on the clothes for what they are worth. While everyone looked great, pretty much ALL the women seemed like they were wearing a Manish Malhotra shimmery light colored (gold, silver, pink) saree. And while I love those types of sarees, none of the celebrities stood out to me. My favorite for was a non-actor (I think) who wore a neon pink saree. She looked fabulous!

          My favorite part of the reception was the video of all them dancing to Burj Kalifa! I LOVE watching Sid awkwardly dance!


          • What is the opposite of shipping? Because I hate the Ananya-ARK gossip. I don’t want them to be together 😭 I don’t like the girl and he is such a sexy sweetheart. I don’t mind Aditya with any woman or man in industry but not Ananya, my nemesis.


          • 🤣😂I was waiting for you to respond! I like Ananya but I know how much you hate her. ☺️

            P.S. did you see the trailer for The Night Manager?! ARK looks HOT!!! I can’t wait to watch it!

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          • Wow, Angie, I did not know about the Ananya/nemesis thing! LOL. I have not liked her acting in any of her films, including her overrated performance in Gehraiyaan. And ARK is very hit or miss…but I will always love him just for Daawaat-E-Ishq.

            I agree that it was definitely a Manish Malhotra sparkly sari night (I do almost think a memo went out to everyone with instructions!).

            And Sid really is such an awkward dancer!

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  4. How’s the weather there? It was a bit chilly in January here in Mumbai but sorta kinda warm now.

    A Valentine’s card would be lovely! And I think I might go for Deepika. For the reasons you mentioned and I think there’s both a goofiness (which I see with her and Ranveer together) and a vulnerability both.


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  6. I would love to be friends with Swara Bhaskar. Probably I would feel stupid all the time, because she is so smart, but I admire her courage , and I think she is a great friend and very loyal.

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  7. Of course I want a card! Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a card? I myself have made no cards for V-Days, but too many for condolences. Unfortunately as I get older I am realizing that the condolence cards will continue to increase. V-Day are cards are more fun. The kids and I will get on those tonight, after two soccer practices and a basketball game.

    I would Kajol to be my friend. All heart without too much thought. I appreciate that. Second choice would be Anushka, who would be the opposite, lots and lots of thought with carefully doled out pieces of heart.


  8. Oh, I absolutely want to be friends with Sonam!!! I absolutely adore her personality. Plus, she basically comes with Rhea and Sawara and maybe even Kareena in the periphery and they all seem like incredible, fun women!


    • Oh, are you planning on watching Shehzada? I am excited about it. I like Kartik Aaryan. I recently read an interview of his, and I love that he unapologetically talks about making commercial films. The audience is his judge. He has a pulse on what the audience wants and knows the type of characters he wants to play. He is here to be a star and he has no qualms about it. Good for him! Plus, I love Kriti. I agree with FilmiLibrarian above that she continues to be a standout among her peers. To me, she seems to be following a bit of the same path as Kareena (who I think has done a genius job with her career). She oscillates between massy films and good indie films that give her a chance to shine. I truly hope she has a very long and successful career.

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  9. I would love a card, but I hope the postage isn’t exorbitant? If it is, don’t! I don’t know about posting from the US at all.

    As for female friends from the stars – agree with Swara and Preity for sure. Kajol seems adorable, but possibly a little tooo energetic for me. Deepika seems sweet and understatedly brave. A lot of the 90s stars I adore seem to have slightly odd personalities in real life, like Juhi seems a bit woo-woo (e.g. anti 5g case) and Rani’s infamous bit about how all girls should learn martial arts during the round table was a bit much. MADHURI! She seems so warm and level-headed. I pick Madhuri!

    Second thought – Juhi is an awesome, loyal friend to SRK though, and Madhuri was a bit rude to her on Coffee with Karan…hmmmm!


    • Yaaaaaaaaaay! It was such a good one this year, I just ordered a second batch so I can give away even more! I honestly think it is better than Christmas was.


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