Saturday WatchAlong: Ek Villain 2! For Angie’s Birthday! 8am Chicago Time

Happy Saturday! I have my cold coffee and my dog and I am ready to watch this terrible thing!

Ek Villain 2

It’s on Netflix! and it’s silly and romantic and thriller-y and the most available pick I could find for Angie’s celebration.

At 8am Chicago time, I will put up an “And PLAY” comment and we will go from there!


305 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Ek Villain 2! For Angie’s Birthday! 8am Chicago Time

  1. So in my first year of Indian cinema watching I was creating a book of SRK illustrations made by children of his films and what we learned about India from them. Like in Veer Zaara we learned to never ride a bus in Northern India. And I was thinking that this movie has taught me that cab driving really gives people a work out and if you want great hair you should get locked in zoo basements. And John Abrahm is stronger than animals. And there is no reason to brick over a doorway because the bricks are way easy to smash through. And fire hoses are super strong. And there is a limit to how many successful musicians there can be in India, so if you want to get famous you got get rid of someone to steal their success. And happy face masks are EVERYWHERE! This movie has taught me SO MUCH! Thank you Ek Villain 2!


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