DCIB Book Club: Should We Start Again? If So, What to Read?

It’s summer! I feel like reading! More specifically, I feel like sitting on my glider in my front yard watching the clover grow and reading. And the best kind of reading is reading where we talk about it later!

First, is anyone interested/has time? I would try to pick something easily available and give a good advance notice so you all have time to read it.

Second, what to read?

I am currently plowing through both Gone With the Wind, and the first book of Ponniyan Selvam, either of those would be good choices I think. Ponniyan Selvam (when taken book by book) is a pretty quick read. Gone With the Wind is a loooooooooooooooooooong read, but we could do it in chunks.

Alternatively, there’s loads of other fun quick reads. One of my favorite Golden Age British mystery writers is Margery Allingham and she is FINALLY back in print. I would love to introduce y’all the detective Albert Campion.

And there are children’s books! Something by Carol Ryrie Brink? Or Jean Craighead George? Any opinions?


11 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club: Should We Start Again? If So, What to Read?

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  2. I am short on reading time lately, because I hate to be interupted while reading and I am always interupted and have been subbing tons so don’t have time during the day anymore. BUT I already read gone with the wind so I could chat about it. I LOVED the book!


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  4. I would also be up for reading Ponniyin Selvan as a group. Also recommend any of the Anuja Chauhan books (two of which have been turned into film/tv adaptations…I also heard that Battle for Bittora was supposed to be turned into a film way back). I think Sonam Kapoor or Anil’s production company had the rights to her books because they did eventually produce(?) The Zoya Factor. Love all of her books, but haven’t read the latest mystery one…Club You To Death. Dinesh Vijan has bought the rights for that one looks like.

    Any filmy biography or autobiography would be good as well. And, of course, I think we could read one of the Harlequin/Mills and Boon Bollywood set category romances. More and more of them actually written by authors of South Asian descent as well. Quick reads, too.


    • Oh, as for children’s books…I’ve just finished my first Patricia Lynch book from the 1950s, Shane Comes to Dublin. She was a prolific and beloved Irish author. Really liked it and starting another one by her now. Very quick, almost middle grade level, but can be enjoyed by adults too, especially if you like Irish and/or folklore kind of things

      For mysteries, I really liked the first two books in Abir Mukherjee’s 1920s Calcutta set series. I just read my first Agatha Christie novel a while back and I’m going to go back and read all of the Poirot in order someday. I’m very picky about the mystery series I commit to and they are usually historical mysteries with a strong romantic element, like the ones by Deanna Raybourn, C.S. Harris, Susan Elia MacNeal. There are some other India-related mysteries on my shelf still to try like the Sujata Massey series.


  5. Thanks for the Margery Allingham recommendation. I am still ever so grateful for your Ngaio Marsh recommendations!!

    Glad you have started the PS books tho. They’re great and well paced, at least till about Book 3/4. Btw, my translated copies (and the original Tamil one too, I think) called the book Ponniyin Selvan*, with a N not a M. Yours says M?


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