Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I FINALLY Drop Off my Donations!

Happy Saturday!!! Today is the day I finally get around to taking that box of donations I put together over a month ago and dropping it off. It’s just been sitting on the floor of my closet for weeks and weeks and weeks.

First thing to talk about, Angie told the most upsetting story in comments and I need y’all to read it so we can be an Angie Support Team:

“Only few days ago my son had a very unpleasant situation with the kids from his class. He was bullied in the elementary school, so it’s hard to him to be open. Now in the middle-school the situation was way better, and he became a little less shy but still wary with the peers. Last year he used to go out with some of the boys but not often . Few weeks ago he felt he wants to go out with them again and tried to enter the group but without success. Once one of the guys invited him, but later when my son was almost ready he wrote: Sorry, the other guys told me you can’t come.

We were angry but what can we do? And the other day, there was our Saint Patron feast here and literally all the town was in the streets, and my son tried again to go out with the group (even if he was anxious because of the last rejection). At first one of the girls was like: Ok, you can come. But when he was searching for them , they hid, didn’t answer the calls, and in the end wrote: we decided that we don’t want you. I was there in the middle of the street when he came heartbroken, and when I heard the story I was so angry I started crying. I cried when he felt asleep and even now when I think about it. The teenagers can be monsters.”

Oh Angie! And more so, Angie’s Son!!! I got nothing beyond “some day you will no longer be a teenager and life will be better”. Anyone else have anything wiser or more helpful to say?

And in much lighter news, it’s Lillette Dubey’s birthday! Let us all watch her amazing moment in “Preity Woman” and celebrate her!


8 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I FINALLY Drop Off my Donations!

  1. Angie that’s so tough. I remember my lonely days in school and at home in my childhood. Being excluded.

    I am glad you’re there for your son. Having a supportive parent turns a traumatic experience into non-traumatic. You being able to be there for him is everything.


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  2. Oh, Angie! I read this and started crying as well. I went through something very very similar in middle school. I had just moved from India and lived in a very small homogenous town. It’s still really hard for me to talk about it. I went to a very dark place. All I can say is that it helped that my parents saw it and were there for me. I read a lot of books because they helped distract me. I watched a lot of Hindi movies because they helped me escape. However, the kids were still cruel and there was not much anyone could do. Just be there for him. If it’s gets to be more than you can handle on your own, include a professional. Tell him how proud you are of him for his strength, resilience, bravery for never giving up and kindness. I hope eventually he finds that one friend who is kind. But if not, he has you until he does.

    Eventually got into running (cross country and track) in highschool. It was filled with people that seemed like my crowd. Nerdy and a bit socially awkward. And took a lot of AP courses which made me at least feel like there was something I could control and work towards excelling at. It did get to the point though that my parents actively forced me to cut down on taking AP courses my last semester and got me to travel and enjoy life a bit more. I took a school trip to England and Scotland and took my first solo trip back to India. It gave me another sense of accomplishment to travel without my parents.

    And then I got to college and completely came out of my shell. I found amazing friends, my own sense of fashion, my confidence etc.

    All I can say is that middle school is the worst. Do whatever you need to to help him get through it and it will get better slowly.

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    • Thank you Filmikhudi. I pray my son will find this one good friend but I lost hope it will happen here, in this middle school. He still has one year left, and then will go to the high school in the city. Let’s hope he will meet be nice people there. Poor guy didn’t have luck since kindergarden.

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      • I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to see your child go through this. You are doing all the right things by being there for him. He sounds like such a brave, and sweet kid. I know he will find his friends. I’m so sorry kids are so cruel.


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