Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to Before My Three Day Weekend?

Happy Wednesday!!! This week is dragging for me, I am so excited about having a three day weekend at the end of it. Maybe I will even catch up on doing bloggy things! Or, I will sit outside in the sunshine and finish Ponniyin Selvam.

I’ll start!

Reading: Chicago has baby foxes! They are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

Watching: I just started Bob Hearts Abishola, which is so far a nice feelgood rom-com sitcom. I don’t guarantee it will still be enjoyable as it goes on, but it’s at least worth a start for y’all!

Thinking: I’ve got too much stuff coming up in the next few weeks! It feels overwhelming. I gotta keep reminding myself that it’s not actually all happening at once. My cousin is visiting, and then I’m having a delayed housewarming party, and then my sister and The Nephews are visiting. Plus I have to water my new plants every day, and I have to organize my storage unit, and semi-baby proof my apartment for The Nephews, and on and on and on and AAAAA! But of course, I don’t have to do it all at once. Just gotta take it one day at a time.

Listening: EUROVISION!!!! My household watched the two semi-finals and already have our favorites. I really really love “Who the Hell is Edgar?” because it is so INSANE. The rest of the household is torn between “Queen of the Kings” from Norway and “Cha Cha Cha” from Finland. I haven’t watched the finale yet, so NO SPOILERS, but who were the favorites this year for y’all? I’m assuming my Europeans have Opinions.

Now, question for you!!! What’s your mental health tip for when it feels like too much is happening at once?

I am sticking with “one hour at a time”. Because my life taken hour by hour is always good, I just have to live in the current hour and not think ahead of that because then it’s too much.


42 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to Before My Three Day Weekend?

  1. “One hour at a time” is very good way to approach stuff. When I’m overhelmed I focus on one thing at time. With every task finished I feel closer to the target.

    I must recommend some of the movies I have seen lately. Finally I found good films that remainded me how pleasant indian movies can be.

    First : Ved, marathi remake of Majili. I have never seen Majili because the reviews were so so and I don’t like Naga Chaitanya, but I felt in love with Ved from the first teaser. After so many bad remakes I have seen lately, that were only the bad and faded copies of the originals, here finally we have someone who put an effort in his remake. Riteish Deshmukh bought the so so script and made everything better and bigger. The cinematography is great, acting very good, and the music fantastic. Even the posters are on the other level. The plot has some problems, some threads remained untied, but I didn’t care, because everything else was so good, and the ending so romantic I didn’t have time to think about the plot holes.

    Second: Aashiq Abu’s Neelavelicham. Stunning! Watching this film was like putting eye drops on sore eyes. Rima Kalingal can’t act, but who cares when we have Tovino in glasses, beautiful visuals and excellent music? (bonus absolutely unnesessary CGI cat)

    Third: Pranaya Vilasam. One of those typical malayalam movies that start with random people living their lives, then the movie breakes your heart and in the end gives you a hot, sweet chai and you melt. (bonus: very movieng real cat scene)


    • Oooo, you are making me want to watch ALL of these! I have a friend coming over Friday night and we are planning to watch episodes of Jubilee, but now I am tempted by one of these instead.


      • I’m waiting for you to see Jubilee, because I’m curious what you will say about it (I haven’t seen it yet).
        I’m not sure you will love Ved like I did, but I really recommend Neelavelicham. It’s a reboot of an old malayalam movie. They used the old compositions and I must tell you, I haven’t listen to music so beautiful for ages. I’m obssesed especially with this song:


        • We were going to watch Jubilee, but then we watched Dil Aashna Hai instead. She hadn’t seen it before! It’s a classic!!!!


  2. Modern Love Chennai I found to best of the three Indian versions. Not all segments are great but the ones that work are really good.


  3. Since my brain injury it kinda allways feels like everything is too much. 15 minutes of heartpounding exercise in the outdoors does help.

    I saw Kathal on Netflix with Sanya Malhotra – lots of great actors but ultimately the plot wasn’t more than a pleasant time pass. At the end they were making fun of the bumbling idiot criminals as they tried to SELL A PERSON. So that was a bit odd, it wasn’t offensive in that it wasn’t quite like they were dimininishing the crime, but it did take focus away from the severity of the crime. It did bring up some interesting gender divides. Sonya kept getting annoyed with her female constable for asking for time off to prepare special meals for her family, but then if it had been a male constable asking for time off to spend a birthday meal with his family I don’t think it would have been given the same eye roll. Basically women can’t win. 1. You aren’t taken seriously as a worker and 2. Your desire to spend time with family is belittled. And we belittle ourselves. I’ve depressed myself. I should go get 15 minutes of heartpounding exerciese outside.


    • I was thinking about Sanya Malhotra the other day and I’m sad she isn’t offered better roles. Kathal, as you confirm is ok movie, but nothing memorable. Almost all her movies are like that, and most of them go directly to OTT. And she has so much to give – can act, can dance and is cute. Perfect rom-com material. She is supposed to be in Jawan, let’s hope she has a good role, even if I doubt.


    • It hasn’t been raining in Illinois, which means I have to water the yard constantly. And that’s kind of been a good thing, gets me outside doing something instead of sitting in worry.


  4. I’ve not managed to do it consistently myself, but I think it’s a good idea to regularly check in with yourself. Find some trigger, like every time you wash your hands or something, and take a few deep breaths each time and ask yourself how you’re doing. Do you need a cup of tea first before going on?


  5. When too much is happening at once i try to organize the big things that are most important and must have and slot some time in my calendar for when I know I will have time and capacity to do them. Then i find at least I’ve dealt with the planning and I can see a rough sense of how to fit the important things in. The plan can always adjust if I find I don’t have the mood but for me if I put it on my calendar I’m less likely to be overwhelmed about it.

    I’ll look my calendar every week for the next 2 weeks and if something looks not at all doable – I will actually see if I can do less, cancel plans, adjust my expectations of myself etc.


  6. Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani posters:

    I don’t know. I find them boring. Like oh look, Ranveer in a crazy role. Who would say? I think and I hope it will be good, but the posters are not great.


      • Both Ranveer and Alia’s faces and expressions are something we have already seen like 100 times.
        Ranveer needs another Lootera asap because he became very repetitive and unexciting.


        • That’s what I thought–there’s nothing new that makes me think I want to see this! (I mean, I’m gonna watch it though). Even the bigger poster–looks like boisterous Punjabi family vs. staid Bengali family. I hope it’s not as formulaic as it’s looking.

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  7. Just reading that Tina Turner passed away. Also reading about how she moved to Switzerland for privacy – and I’m imagining that if SRK wanted a private life for his children, he could move there. Although he never will – he loves India and being a star

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  8. I’ve started watching Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway on Netflix, and as I might have predicted, I’m deeply torn. I hate how the ladies from child protection services are painted (quite literally, too) as the villains from the very first scene. I hate how they don’t even seem to have a motive beyond ruining this family. I hate how the dad is clearly an a*h* at the very least, but that doesn’t even seem to play a role in the custody case. The fact that his role ends with being the bread winner is only mentioned in the context of other “problems” that are culture specific. I hate how hysteric Rani gets in front of the court – not really her fault, but someone should have prepared that woman for how a court works. I hate that the meeting with the children happens at a police station. WTF? I hate that the film keeps me going “Well, I don’t really know the Norwegian system”, but shows absolutely zero interest in explaining it. And so on.

    And that’s before I got to the part where supposedly the whole child welfare system is making money out of taking away foreigners’ children. Including the foster parents, of course. That’s the part where I really started to feel sick and had to stop watching.

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    • Thank you for watching it and posting this review. I was afraid of many of the things that your review confirmed. Norwegian child care system being portrayed in a cartoonishly villain fashion, hysterical melodrama from the mother and sad little children. It just seemed way too much for me to handle.


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