Dilwale news-missing song

So, if you happen to have obsessively listened to the Dilwale soundtrack on Saavn.com, you probably noticed that when you went to see it in the theaters, one of the songs was missing.  And if you happened to have obsessively followed the filming news, you may have noticed that they filmed in Iceland (check!) and Bulgaria (check!) and Goa (check!), but also Hyderabad (no check!).  So, where is the missing song and the missing Hyderabad sequence?

According to this, Varun and Kriti filmed a high energy dance song sequence to the song “Premika” in Hyderabad.  It was meant to go right after the moment in the film from which the screenshot above comes. The suspicion is, this song will be released as a special bonus on or near Christmas.

If you recall, the same thing happened with Happy New Year.  There was the ending credits sequence to “Sharaabi”, which also introduced AbRam to the world, and let Gauri once more prove her awesome hotness.

And then about a week after the film came out, they released this:


They said it was a gift to the fans to thank them for making the film a hit, and if it was a gift, it is definitely one I appreciated!

But I suspect it was also a savvy marketing move.  If song launches work to promote the film and build excitement prior to release, why not use them to keep interest in the film up post-release and post-first weekend excitement?



3 thoughts on “Dilwale news-missing song

  1. According to some article I read after I posted this, Varun filmed it while running a fever and said it is the one he is most excited about. So they better release it, or else Varun is going to be (justifiably) p.o.’d


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