Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: Which is the Worst, Dilwale-Happy New Year-Zero?

Oh boy, you ready to get HEATED? We all know that Shahrukh did a few films that were not so great in the past few years. But which is the worst of them all?

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Shahrukh Summer: Lifehacks for Bad SRK Movies

Oops, I forgot, the last time I put up a post implying the existence of “bad” SRK movies, I got a lot of anger on twitter. But you all understand, right? I can love the man and still hate some of the movies?

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Snow Songs to Cool Me Down

It is extremely hot today.  I am looking at my poor wilted flowers on the windsill in my office and feeling even more wilted than they look.  And also a wee bit worried about Dog Hazel who is all alone all day in my third floor apartment.  I left the a/c on for her, but it’s not really enough.  And what if the power goes out or something?  Poor little hot doggie!

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Happy Shahrukh’s Birthday! In Mathematical Terms

My sister, the teacher, celebrates Shahrukh and Amitabh in her own special way.  On their birthdays every year, her homework problems have a very special theme.  Also, there is background music playing during class.  And depending on the ethnic make-up of the group, they either really get into it (like when she was teaching in New Jersey and the class was 2/3rds desi) or are super confused.  Anyway, this year she is letting me share with you all, so we can all learn about Shahrukh, and also math.

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Happy Shahrukh Birthday Month, Day 1 (of 31)! 31 Gifs for Us All

I sense a disturbance in the world of my blog.  On one side, I have many many voices crying out in joy at the thought of 31 full days of SRK posts.  And then on the other side, I have not quite as many voices crying out in despair.  So, here’s the deal.  I will continue my Monday and Tuesday reviews.  And my Friday Classics.  And I’ll throw in news posts and so on.  It won’t be all SRK all the time.  But all TGIF and Sunday fanfic content will be replaced by SRK focused items.  I mean, most of the people who read those are SRKians anyway, right?  And every day there will be a special SRK birthday post counting down 31 to 1.  Some of them very very silly (as this one will be), and some of them serious (for instance, best performances).  If you don’t absolutely hate SRK, at least read the headline topic for the post before deciding not to read it, there will be good content in here.

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Hindi Film 101 One-Off: Box Office, What it All Means or Doesn’t Mean

I was going to do a box office report for Raabta earlier this week, and it turned into this very very long post about what box office is and why I look at it the way I do and so on and so forth.  And I thought “heck, I should just turn this into a 101 one-off so people can easily refer back to it later!” (don’t worry, I will come back to my Nehru-Gandhi family history and finish it in a bit)

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: After the Happy Ever After

I don’t know why, but I am feeling very contrary today.  I have this strange desire to take light things and turn them dark, and dark things and turn them happy.  Thank goodness I can work it out through fanfiction instead of going to the park and throwing things at pigeons.

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Happy Birthday Manish Malhotra! In Your Honor, a Post About Costumes!

I was debating what, if anything, to do for Manish.  And then Filmilibrarian started a conversation on my Monday Questions post about costumes, and I have decided to ruthlessly re-purpose it for a post about costumes in honor of Manish.  Sorry Filmilibrarian!  Your question was just too good to resist!

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Seiches and Fan’s Rapidly Approaching Release Date

I don’t have anything to watch this weekend!  Maybe I will actually be desperate enough to try out a Telugu release in theaters (Sardaar Gabbar Singh is supposed to be a sequel to a remake of Dabangg, and I feel like I have seen Dabangg enough that I could probably figure out what is happening).  But after weeks of having something new and exciting every Friday, the Hindi prospects this week are just dismal.

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Various Authorized non-FanVid Song Videos: Kapoor and Sons, Ki and Ka, and Dilwale

Karan just released yet another Kapoor and Sons song video on his twitter this morning, and there have been a whole bunch of other song video releases I didn’t even notice (because Karan didn’t tweet them), but I should really talk about.  Because it’s almost Cricket season, authorized song videos are going to be all we have to entertain us for a while.

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Dilwale is Now Available Streaming! Which means…..Fanvids!

I saw a thing about Dilwale being available so soon on streaming, because Shahrukh wanted to make it available for the international audience who didn’t get it in their countries ASAP, even faster than DVDs could get there.  And by what I can see on youtube, he definitely has an international audience, and they definitely started streaming the movie IMMEDIATELY.  And then illegally ripped the files and started making their own fanvids.

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Dilwale DVD Release date Rumors

Dilwale came out almost 2 months ago, which means the DVD could be released any day now.  I’m a little spoiled, since I live ten minutes from the biggest Indian immigrant neighborhood in my region, I can just swing by the DVD store everyday on my way home from work and ask about availability.  But for you poor people who did not organize your entire lives around access to Indian DVDs, it might be a little trickier.

So, here are the rumors I have gathered so far from the internet.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Shantisal pointed out in the comments, it is currently available on Itunes!  For both rent and sale!  And also, apparently, Googleplay!  I still want the DVD, of course, because I Neeeeeeed the special features.  But this will make a nice stopgap!

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT UPDATE: has dvd pre-order available with a release date of Feb 28th! I love njmtv, partly because I used to rent from their storefront location when my sister lived in New Jersey.

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What do Akshay Kumar and Jimmy Stewart have in Common? (warning! Boring accounting info below! Although there is a little Shahrukh right at the end)

Akshay Kumar and Jimmy Stewart actually have a lot in common!  Reliable hard-working long-term popular movie stars who managed to combine a variety of crowd-pleasing roles with some solid acting turns.  But what I am talking about today is just economics.

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Airlift at the end of Week 2 Compared to Dilwale: Akshay is on track to beat SRK for the first time since 2006!

Airlift is rounding the corner of one more week of box office dominance.  It’s possible that Ghayal Once Again or Sanam Teri Kasam may come up to challenge it but I doubt it.  On the other hand, Fitoor is definitely going to knock it out of theaters next weekend.  So, really, we are in the homestretch and can start making final box office estimates.

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Raees and Fan: New News and Wild Speculation! (Oh, and also, Shahrukh and Kajol Kissing)

After a news black out, suddenly stuff is happening with SRK’s next films!  Well, not suddenly, more like inevitably and part of a production plan.  He just started a new filming schedule for Raees, and Fan is coming out in a couple months, so it is time for the PR people to jump-start the rumor mills.

It’s all worth talking about, so I will, below.

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