Aamir Khan follow up: More Intolerance of saying there is Intolerance!

So, #AamirOut was trending in India, because Aamir was just fired as the tourist Ambassador for the “Incredible India” campaign.  Because he apparently no longer thinks India is that incredible.  And vice versa.

So, the politicians are having a fabulous time with this!  It’s really a win-win for them.  On the one hand, they can take the party line of plausible deniability, the actual decision was made by the marketing firm they hired, and his contract was up anyway (after 10 years).

On the other hand, the next time they get buttonholed by some aggressive conservative at a cocktail party (or whatever the conservative Hindu version of a cocktail party is), they can say “Hey, we are doing something about those mouthy liberals!  We threw Aamir Khan off the Incredible India campaign!”

It’s kind of also a win-win for Aamir too, he doesn’t have to deal with the hypocrisy of speaking for India as a job, and against it as a private citizen, and the people who buttonhole him at the fancy intellectual South Bombay society version of cocktail parties (so…cocktail parties) will be all sympathetic now because he suffered this terrible tragedy of prejudice.

Is it possible that the head of the marketing firm sat both sides down and sold them on this solution to all their marketing problems?  If so, I want to hire these guys!  They are geniuses!

4 thoughts on “Aamir Khan follow up: More Intolerance of saying there is Intolerance!

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