News Round-Up: Aamir and the cops, PC owes money, Wazir opens, and Amitji mildly injured!

Which of these stories is most important?  Duh!  Amitabh!  I mean, politically and an actual effect on the world, probably Aamir.  But as to cosmic importance, it’s Amitabh.  It’s always Amitabh.

So, Aamir posted a thing on his twitter (which is news in and of itself, he almost never uses twitter, unlike the other big stars.  Speaking of, Shahrukh!  Where have you gone!  You haven’t tweeted in WEEKS!!!), one of those images of a statement things people use when they want to put up something longer than 40 characters.  Anyway, it says,

I completely endorse the move by the Mumbai Police to reduce the security around me.  The police personnel can be put to better use in securing the city.  If and when the Mumbai police feel the need to increase my security, they will.  I trust them completely.

To which I say, Hmm.  I have never really gotten how the police protection works for these big stars.  I think it first became common in the 90s, when the D-Company gang was threatening them all (back when Hrithik’s Dad got shot), and then it just sort of continued because there was always a viable threat?  But at this point, it really feels like police protection is being used where it should really be private bodyguards and stuff.  They are public figures, but they aren’t public servants.  So I don’t care about the police actually removing his protection, that seems fine.  But the timing, oh my goodness!  Totally a political move, and really jerky!  Especially since, they are removing the protection because so many people are angry with Aamir, which also means it is the time when he really needs even more protection than before!

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra is apparently being sued by hirees of her production house who claim they were never paid for work on an ad shoot.  Okay, again, whatever about the actual content of this story, the production house blames the art director they hired, this will probably all be worked out shortly, who cares.  No, what is important is that this story is being reported in the Indian press two days after she won a People’s Choice Award, with the contrast of “While she wins an Award in America, back home her people aren’t being paid.”  Is this the turning of the tide?  The moment when people stop getting excited about her success overseas and start resenting how she is ignoring them back home?  It’s happened every time someone has come close to being a cross over success (by the time Mistress of Spices flopped, people were basically gleeful about Aish returning home in shame).  Well, except for Anil Kapoor.  Because how can you not love him!

(Love ya, Anil!)

Also, Wazir opened today!  To a weak box office, apparently.  Because Farhan and Amitabh are great and powerful and respected actors, but they can’t actually open a movie.  Maybe because they are great and powerful and respected actors.  There is a line between being an actor and being a star.  An actor can be the jewel in the center of a really fine film (like Amitabh in Piku, for instance), but the star IS the film.  And, based purely on the trailers (although I will probably be seeing it this weekend also), Wazir is not a really really fine film.  By the way, this is the line the 3 Khans are constantly dancing back and forth over.  Dilwale IS Shahrukh.  But Raees and Fan will be fine films in which there is a character played by Shahrukh Khan.  Just like Prem Ratan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan for Salman, and Dhoom 3 and PK for Aamir.  Amitabh used to be able to do that dance, but he can’t any more.  And Farhan still hasn’t mastered it.

And now the most important story, Amitji was mildly injured on the sets of his next film!  He said he hurt his ribs (not broke), and his doctor says he is fine and recomends rest and hot and cold packs.  But later, Amitji tweeted he was going to a theater to see Wazir, so apparently he is able to be up and around.  Any other person in the world, you would read this updates and think “How self-absorbed is he!  Thinking the whole world has to know every little health detail!”  But it’s Amitabh!  The whole world HAS TO KNOW EVERY LITTLE HEALTH DETAIL!!!


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