Airlift, Wazir, Dilwale, Bajirao: Global Box Office Collections

Once again, the raw data can all be seen at bollywoodhungama.  I’ve already talked about the local numbers for Airlift in particular, but now figures are available for international territories for the whole week.

Read on to see how it all shook out.

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Box Office Report: Dilwale is still knocking down Global records, Wazir is barely holding on, Airlift is coming to destroy them all

Thank you for providing so many numbers to me!  There are a few interesting things going on in the local and global box office, going into Airlift weekend.

Airlift, and Republic Day, will put an end to the traditional Christmas season releases, as the screens are given over to patriotic rather than family friendly films.  Meaning this is expected to be the last big week, and final box office projections are rolling out for Wazir, Dilwale, and Bajirao.

Read on to learn more.

(first reports on Airlift box office here)

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Wazir Full Summary Part 2, All the Way to the End, Complete! (Spoilers)

Okay, left off at Interval!  Going to plough through and get to the end of the film and the surprise mystery twist ending that I totally saw coming a mile away.  And then the sincerely emotionally affecting moment that I did not see coming AT ALL!  And then the little girl who waved at me on the way out and made me feel all better

Read on to find out everything about everything!

(Part 1 of summary here, regular review here, bullet point version here)

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Weekend Box Office Collections Analysis: Germany Loooooves SRK/Dilwale, and non-Indians looooooove Bajirao

So, Bollywoodhungama posted the weekend overseas box office figures, broken down by country, with screen counts included as well.  Some interesting things in there.

(also, admire my pun in the header image!  “Two days, two players, one game.”  How perfect is that for another Bajirao vs Dilwale weekend report!)

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Wazir synopsis/recap: Whole First Half! All Spoilers!

So, I put up a bullet point version of this already (the notes I dashed off as soon as I got home so I wouldn’t forget), and a quick spoiler-less review.  And the second half of the recap is now up also, it is here.  And now, it is time for me to give a complete detailed summary!  For those of you unable, or unwilling, to see it in theaters!  Or if you want to see it, but to have my in your head with you whispering opinions the whole time.

I can tell you, without spoilers, that the best part of the whole experience was the truly tiny little girl with an itsy-bitsy little pink coat and bitty-baby pink boots who waved her microscopic little hand at me in the hall on the way out.  If possible, try to recreate that when you go.

And now, on with the show!

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Wazir Review: Plot isn’t a little bit big, or a little bit small, but just Wrong

So, quick review: Catnip for Farhan fans (I know you are out there), Hollywood style/quality camerawork and directing, great songs, script needs a couple more twists to really send it over the top.

Longer review, see below.  And I will probably also be posting a synopsis in the next few days, it’s only an hour forty, I can totally knock that out in just one part.

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Trailer report: Neerja, Wazir, Fan, Madhavan!

So, I finished my complete synopsis of Dilwale, but no synopsis can be complete without also discussing, the trailers that set the stage for the film!  I saw Dilwale 4 times (so far), and among the various shows, I saw 4 different trailers.  For Neerja, Wazir, Fan, and that new Madhavan movie.

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