Mostly Links: Why is every website in the world suddenly willing to post gossip?

I was just talking about this with someone last night, about how Indian film is still a mostly word of mouth world.  Usually, when you read gossip articles, there is a big unspoken thing at the center of them, like Rekha and Amitabh’s affair, and they just keep dancing around it.  You have to learn the big unspoken thing on the streets or through osmosis, and then all the written stuff will make a whole lot more sense.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I just stumbled across a whole bunch of articles from the past few days that actually say the things no one is supposed to come right out and say!

  1. Like, talking about Salman and Aish’s affair, which we all know about but are never clear on the details.  This link is actually an excerpt from his new bio.  But if you ever wanted to figure out why they were such a big thing, read this!
  2. Or, the Kapoors and their many many loves.  Up to and including Kat!  And going all the way back to Nargis (although I actually provide more details here)!  Totally worth a read, right here.
  3. And there is this slideshow from Times of India!  Like all ToI slideshows, there is a lot of chaff to separate from the wheat.  But the two biggies are the first and last slides.  First, rumors are flying that Arbaaz and Mallika Arora Khan are breaking up!  Which would be huge!  Not so much for them (although they are both decently successful), but because that would be the first rift in the happy Salman Khan family.  And second, the very last slide mentions Aish calling Rekha “Maa” at a recent awards ceremony, in connection with her friendly interactions with Jaya recently.  Does this mean the Bachchan’s might be moving towards a happy combined family? Like the Salim Khan family is/was?  Probably not, but wouldn’t it be exciting if it did happen?  Read about those two stories and others here.
  4. And then there is Pinkvilla, which is always just gossip anyway, but who went really quite far today with a quote from Kangana.  I know I said she is the second biggest star of 2015, but you probably still don’t want to do her dirty work for her and go after Hrithik!  Especially because over on bollywoodhungama, he is quoted explicitly denying any kind of affair with her or anyone else.  Read Kangana’s version here.  And Hrithik’s here.
  5. And then, the big one that we are all just willing to be true even if it probably isn’t, SRK’s son dating Amitabh’s granddaughter/Raj Kapoor’s great-granddaughter.  Just think of the gene pool!  They are actually going to the same exclusive boarding school in London (a school that specializes in dealing with the children of internationally famous and powerful people) and have been photographed hanging out together off and on for the past few years.  But now is just coming right out and calling them boyfriend/girlfriend!  Plus, bonus speculation about when Aryan might be launched.  Read it all here.



3 thoughts on “Mostly Links: Why is every website in the world suddenly willing to post gossip?

  1. If gossip can make any of these things actually happen, especially Aryan and Navya getting together and making the genetically perfect savior of Indian film, I am willing to gossip all day long!


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