TGIF: It’s Karan’s Day!!!! Let’s Celebrate Him

Happy Friday!  It’s Karan’s Day, obviously there is only one possible topic for today’s post.  All the many colors of Karan!!!!  3 separate categories, to reflect his fashion, his family, and his follicles.

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Happy 3 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! His 3 Favorite People

Not very different from last year, but I feel like that’s nice, for the last few days, to always have the same thing.  Because when you get to the very most important things about a person, not much changes year by year.

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Mostly Links: Why is every website in the world suddenly willing to post gossip?

I was just talking about this with someone last night, about how Indian film is still a mostly word of mouth world.  Usually, when you read gossip articles, there is a big unspoken thing at the center of them, like Rekha and Amitabh’s affair, and they just keep dancing around it.  You have to learn the big unspoken thing on the streets or through osmosis, and then all the written stuff will make a whole lot more sense.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I just stumbled across a whole bunch of articles from the past few days that actually say the things no one is supposed to come right out and say!

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Rumors and Gossip: Karan to launch SRK’s son?

Okay, so that headline is total clickbait.  But it is based on an actual article in rediff!  That is also total clickbait.  It’s just Karan saying that Shahrukh’s family is his family, and he has called dibs on launching Aryan as his right as an uncle.  Actually, I am picturing a very loving battle over that between Karan and Adi, when the time comes.  With Farhan raising his hand briefly and then getting shouted down and thrown out of the house.  Perhaps another Dharma/Yash Raj co-production would satisfy all involved? With Red Chillies and Ajay Devgan FFilms providing funding? (I am taking it as a given that Aryan will be launched opposite Nyssa.  Also, that’s not a typo, Ajay spells it with two fs).

For a reminder of all the various other star teenagers waiting in the wings to be launched, Times of India has provided a handy slide-show.  Nyssa is not included, because she is in an awkward phase right now (looks just like her mother did at this age, see photo above), and because Ajay would probably storm the Times of India headquarters if they printed a picture of his little girl.