Criminal Cases! One Unbelievable, One Unresolved

Why can’t the international police reveal everything to the gossip media?  WHY?!?!?  We have to know!!!!

First, Hrithik and Kangana!  The story raises it’s ugly head again!  To be officially unresolved.  If you remember, Kangana made a comment about a “silly ex”, in a statement she personally called Pinkvilla to offer out of the blue.  In response, Hrithik posted something on Facebook about never dating the people he was supposed to have dated.  And in response to that, they both sued each other for defamation!!!  And then Hrithik said that it was all a catfish scam! And Kangana said that Hrithik broke in and removed emails she had on her computer proving they were from him!  And Hrithik released really really nutty emails that Kangana had sent him and he never responded to!  Oh, and the police confirmed that Hrithik had filed an FIR with them months back about someone online pretending to be him.

Now, you ready for the tragedy?  The cyber crimes branch is officially closing the case, with no resolution, because the catfish (possibly) email is based in America, and the American hosting company won’t release their information. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  WHY DOES AMERICA RUIN EVERYTHING????????

Forget fast track green cards and trade treaties, next American-Indian summit, the Hrithik emails are PRIORITY NUMBER ONE!!!!



In other news, Mallika and Kim Kardashian now have one more thing in common.  In addition to dressing in revealing outfits and attending a lot of film premieres and being generally famous for being famous.  They were both viciously attacked by robbers in Paris.

As I am sure everyone in the world knows at this point, Kim was tied up for hours while robbers tore apart her rented luxury Paris apartment and stole a bunch of jewels.  And now, a French paper just broke the news that Mallika and a “gentlemen friend” came back to her Paris apartment at about 9:30 at night to find robbers there.  They punched and tear gassed Mallika and her friend, and then took off.

My goodness!  I wonder if this really is related to Kim?  In that both women are known in the Paris press, and have many many photographs of themselves in very expensive jewels.  I guess if you are mostly famous for being famous at this point, then you have to attend a lot of things, and people will want to lend you jewels, which means you become a target for this new crazy violent robber group in Paris.

(Speaking of Mallika and the police…..)


4 thoughts on “Criminal Cases! One Unbelievable, One Unresolved

  1. Not that it matters much, but Kim, I don’t think was tied up. She came home to find her jewels gone. The point being that if everyone knows where you are and what you’re wearing, they also know when you are NOT home and what jewels are home. I (sigh) do not have these issues.


    • Well, you just made me google Kim Kardashian for the first time in my life. Looks like it was kind of similar to this, she came home to find them already at work. But she was actually tied up and held at gun point while they finished. Unlike Mallika and friend, who it sounds like came in just as the robbers were finishing, so there were just briefly incapacitated while the bad guys got away.

      Either way, I agree that it is the price you pay for being photographed everywhere and owning fabulous jewelry. So, not something I am necessarily going to be worried about. Unless the robbers are desperate for a copy of Chaahat to sell to some crazed millionaire Pooja Bhatt fan. (oh no! Now the internet knows I own one of the few copies of Chaahat in existance! If I am tied up and robbed in the next few days, this is why)


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