Shahrukh’s Return to his Alma Matar: Only 8 Women Fainted

Times of India, with their excellent reporting, actually sent a stringer to Delhi University/Hansraj College to observe the Shahrukh appearance.  And it was worth it, because there were some fun tidbits picked up from the crowd.

Apparently, the event was mostly for students, and the campus was mobbed.  One girl in the front row said she got there at 10am so as to get a space up front for the evening event, since she “couldn’t climb trees like the boys.”  Students kept arriving all day, prepared to wait it out until the evening.

The campus had provided minimal security, and ambulances by the gates.  Apparently, the school officials had to keep making announcements all day like the Dad on a family trip “Children!  Behave yourselves or Shahrukh won’t come after all!”  Not that they were doing anything too bad, apparently, just shoving for position and being a bit rowdy.  But when you have a couple thousand college students standing around all day in a state of ever increasing excitement, that’s gonna happen!

There’s a debate about whether or not there were any protesters, I found a couple sources that said yes, and others no.  Times of India was actually there, and they say towards the end of the day, 6 or 7 drunk guys showed up outside the gates and started calling out “Shah Rukh!  Go back!”  They weren’t let in, since it was a campus event, and there were cops outside the gate who moved them along.

There were also 7-8 girls who fainted, it’s implied because of being outside all day in the heat.  I kind of want it to be from the incipient excitement of Shahrukh’s arrival, but apparently not.

And then Shahrukh showed up and was formally handed his degree.  Which apparently resolved a long-held school secret.  According to several students, it was a tradition passed down class to class that Shahrukh had never actually bothered to pick up his degree.  Lots of sayings, like “If you really want to succeed, don’t graduate!  After all, Shahrukh Khan never picked up his degree!”  It was an in campus joke kept within the student body and only half believed.  And then the president came out and actually gave Shahrukh his degree!  Because by golly, he really had never bothered to pick it up!  The students Times spoke with were kind of disappointed; what are they going to tell new students about now?

I have to say, I sympathize!  Every school has those legends that get passed down, and being the only ones who know that Shahrukh never technically graduated is a pretty good one.  At my school, it was that the guy who designed the Behavioral Sciences Building went mad after he finished the designs (for this to make sense, you have to know that the BSB was filled with blind alleys and dead ends and second floors that could only be reached by first going up to the 5th floor and then down again).  I could probably google that now, but I sort of don’t want to.  Better to keep it a legend.


3 thoughts on “Shahrukh’s Return to his Alma Matar: Only 8 Women Fainted

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