FanVids! For Fandoms I didn’t even realize existed!

So, yesterday I was digging around looking for new Dilwale fanvids. And I ran across all of these awesome videos for fandoms I didn’t even know existed! Or that I knew existed, but I thought were too classy for fanvids (Aamir fans, I am looking at you!)

This one is just unbelievably good. It may have actually sold me on their real life relationship just because I love how it is set up here!

I love this one! It totally makes me believe that Kajol is some sort of demon figure, traveling the world stealing men’s souls. Also, I love that Ajay is second to last, but Shahrukh is the real grande finale.

Nice video, but what I really love is that they use “A Whole New World” for a Bollywood-Tellywood video! I’ve been noticing, since the soap revolution, that there are more and more fanvids for TV shows as well as movies. Because it’s “a whole new world” for fandom!

Yes, apparently even intellectual and sophisticated and sensitive Aamir fans make fanvids! Just like the boy-crazy SRK fans! Anyway, I really like this one.

Speaking of Aamir fanvids… (this one just makes me happy too)

And a grand finale, this one just makes me happy. Also, deep deep respect for being able to smoothly integrate the enter 60 year history of modern Indian film. Johnny Walker and Sonam Kapoor in the same fanvid? It’s amazing!

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