Hello Youtube Focus Group! New Video on Box Office

Have I mentioned that technology hates me?  Or at least, doesn’t like me much?  Following your notes on my last post, I tried a fast-talking excited video.  And then after 3 days of trying, have totally failed to figure out how to add graphics (the other big suggestion).  So put a pin in the graphics requests (unless you have a suggestion for a free program I can download to do them), and just focus on the talking head part of it.

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Happy-making Songs in My Own Version of Antakshari

Why is there no news today?  Why isn’t SRK releasing the newest Jab Harry Met Sejal song trailer?  Why can’t I find anything for my quick afternoon post?  All of these reasons and more are making me grumpy and depressed, so I am going to cheer myself up by looking at all the songs that make me smile.  And also distract myself by playing my own personal version of Antakshari, connecting song by song through actor instead of word (don’t speak Hindi) or sound (can’t appreciate music).  Feel free to suggest alternative happy songs that I could have gone with!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! The Funnest Romance Fanvids!

(another reposted post.  But it’s a really good one!  And I went on vacation and fell behind a little this week)

It’s been a while since I did a fanvid post!  Plus, it’s Valentine’s Day!  And also, depressing grey and cold February.  So here are some of the best fanvids happy and in love videos on the internet, just to cheer you up!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I was thinking I would take a day off from blogging, but why?  At least 2/3rds of my readers aren’t from America, and Thanksgiving is one holiday that is really just for America.  At least on this particular date, I think Canadian Thanksgiving is in October or something?  Anyway, I am going to write this post and schedule it in advance, because I will be traveling and sleeping off Turkey on the actual day.

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Merry Christmas!!!

I already posted some Holiday fanvids in my post-Thanksgiving post, but there are more!

(I know it is really a Mithun song, but it just feels right done by SRKelf)

(It’s from 2013, but I am sure they still wish us this year!)

(all I ever wanted was Christmas wishes from Salman Khan and an underwear company!)

(somehow both sexy and festive!)

And how did I not find this channel until today?!?!?  I have wasted my December!!!  I could have watched the video below 24 days ago!


Updated SRKajol fanvids (Dilwale Spoilers!!!)

So, now that there is new SRKajol footage out there, in the world, the natural result is new SRKajol fanvids.

If you have already seen Dilwale, and are prevented by stupid things like work and family and holidays from seeing it again, these might serve to take the edge off a little.  I like this one as a summary of the whole first half love story.  No idea what the song is saying, but it sounds pretty!

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