NEW FAN TRAILER!!!!! Shahrukh isn’t just playing “Shahrukh Khan”

2 Shahrukhs!  What could be better!  It’s like Duplicate, but less stupid!

So, first, here’s the actual trailer:



Second, I was right!  This trailer is more about “Aryan Khanna” because it is launched out of YRF studios, instead of the one that was launched in Shahrukh/Gaurav’s hometown of Delhi that was all about Gaurav.

It was launched at a huge huge event, which is still happening, I’ll put up more details as I have them.  But I wanted to get the trailer up ASAP, because I was so excited about it!  2 Shahrukhs, in an action movie, with a big statement about fandom!

It’s the statement that I find so exciting, actually.  The 2 Shahrukhs chasing each other is fun, but it kind of looks like any other action sequence.  But the indications as to how the movie will be structured are really exciting!

It looks like we will start by sympathizing with Gaurav, the humble and devoted fan who is “just like us”.  But did you notice that when he finally sees “Aryan Khanna” in real life, at Mannat, he screams so loudly that even the fellow fan standing next to him kind of gives him a look? (It’s at 00:52)

I think that is when the audience sympathy is going to start being split, between Gaurav, who we have more history with but is also looking a little crazy, and Aryan Khanna, who is charming and not crazy, but has the “it’s my life, why should I give you even 5 seconds?” dialogue, which sets him up as a little selfish himself.

And then, Europe!  And, Action Scenes!  These are the parts I found least interesting.  I can see why they got excited about the idea, to see Shahrukh fighting Shahrukh is super cool.  But what I find more interesting is how he acts in the quiet moments.  And how he really “acts”.  Like, not just playing “Shahrukh Khan.”  He is “Aryan Khanna” instead.  He uses a quiet voice with minimal inflection, he keeps his gestures small and his body stiff.  He is the opposite of the manic energy and uncontrolled enthusiasm of Gaurav.  And he is definitely not playing “Shahrukh Khan-Movie Star”.  In Shahrukh’s public appearances and fan interactions, like the one where this trailer was launched, you can tell that he thrives on the energy and adrenaline.  He loves being loved.  But “Aryan Khanna” is a quieter person, who keeps himself separate and does not like dealing with the public.  And also, I just now realized while writing this, that he named his character after his son.  That is so weird!



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