Happy Birthday Anushka! Some Reasons I Love You

Hey!  Anushka is turning 27 today!  Wow, she’s young!  Let’s see if I can come up with 27 reasons to love her.  I bet I can!

1. Starting with when India fell in love with her.  Not me, because I didn’t see this, because stupid Indian satellite channels charge like $20 a month so I can’t see TV ads.  But other people!


2. After a series of ad campaigns, of course her big break was in Rab Ne.  Which, let’s be real, is mostly Shahrukh’s movie.  But Anushka does a really good job with what they gave her!


3. After Rab Ne, it took her a while to get a film that was equally good of a showpiece.  But Baand Baaja Baarat definitely qualified!  Her character was layered and interesting, she had all sorts of fun scenes to play, and this song is awesome!  Especially her entrance at 1:25.


4. I have my issues with Jab Tak Hain Jaan, including some with Anushka’s character (so spunky!  Why so spunky?), but I have none with this song.  And, yes, it is mostly because Shahrukh in scruff looks so good, but it’s also because of her perky happy smile.


5.  I have no real issues with Matru ki Bijli Ka Mandola.  I know most people didn’t like it, but I really really did!


6. I like her because she is an old-school instinctive teenage actress.  Just like Kajol and Madhuri and Hema and dozens of others, she was discovered as a teenager, brought in for her first movie with no training, and did it all on instinct and on the job learning.

7. And her big break was the biggest possible break, the lead opposite Shahrukh Khan in an Aditya Chopra movie.  And yet, she was also willing to take a step back and act as an ensemble in Badmaash Company, and opposite a complete unknown in Band Baaja Baaraat (of course, that unknown was Ranveer Singh who became immediately popular, so it worked out pretty good)

8. She picked her projects carefully, but even when they flopped (like her BBB follow-up Patiala House), she was so cheerful and confident about it, and so willing to appear on talk shows and walk the ramps on fashion week, that she was still well-liked by the public.

9. She must be easy to work with as well, since she’s now been chosen for multiple big roles opposite big names, roles that could have been given to a more consistently successful actress, from Shahrukh in Jab Tak and Rab Ne, to Akshay in Patiala, to Aamir in PK, to now Salman in Sultan.

10.  She seems to have engendered little jealousy in the industry, despite her success, being a friend to all and an enemy of none.

11. Even her less successful movies still gave us some wonderful songs.


12. This movie was fairly successful, but this song I think is probably going to last longer than the movie.  Certainly I can’t seem to get it out of my head!


13. Speaking of her with Ranveer, this is almost tied with “Gallan Goodiyaan” for my favorite song from this movie.  Largely because her chemistry with Ranveer is just so fun!


14. So long as I am talking dance songs, I better put in her very first dance song.


15.  And her most recent one.


16. I like that she gave us the phrase “temporary lip enhancing tool” while explaining her different look in Bombay Velvet.  Because I find that phrase endlessly hilarious.  (what does it even mean?)

17.  I like that she is trying to get a Masters in Economics by correspondence while acting.

18.  I like that she isn’t afraid to take long breaks between roles, instead of just signing everything that comes her way.

19.  I like that she doesn’t apologize for wanting good roles in good movies, or pretend her career is just something she does for fun while waiting to get married.

20.  I like that she has never apologized for her body, whether people say it is too skinny or too tall or too whatever else.

21. Even though Bombay Velvet is a terribly terribly inhumanly bad movie, I really love this song, mostly because of how it sounds, but also because of how she emotes through it.


22. And if we are talking songs that work mostly because of Anushka’s face, there’s also this!


23.  And this one.


24.  And of course this, her very first reaction shot song in her very first movie, and she nails it!


25.  And finally, the best part of her very first movie, a definite “A star is born!” moment.


26.  My second to last reason, is how she founded her own studio and made NH10, a super female focused and feminist movie in every possible way, and made it a hit!  Well, a qualified hit.  Certainly better than anyone expected!

27.  And finally, I love her for how she handled her relationship with Virat Kohli, start to finish.  No modest fakery and excuses to hide it, no giving in to the haters when they accused her of causing his slump, and no rush to marriage when she is still happy being single and career focused.



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Anushka! Some Reasons I Love You

  1. I haven’t seen all her movies, but I just loved her in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, PK and Band Baaja Baaraat especially. But I like her “tough” roles, too, like in Dil Dhakne Do and even Bombay Velvet.

    What I really admire her for, is getting NH10 made. I don’t know that I’m anxious to watch it again, but her performance was really powerful, and I love that she produced such a female empowering movie. I’ll not soon forget the sound of her dragging that pipe down the street to wallop the bad guy!!


  2. I absolutely adored Patiala House and can’t understand people who didn’t – I mean if people bring the whole “oh how could they have done that whole cricket thing – so unrealistic” – you’re watching a mainstream Bollywood movie. Really? 😛

    I think I have loved her in every movie she has done – regardless of their box office/critical success. She is just so likeable.

    In Rab Ne – she held her place in front of SRK. She actually made you notice her.

    I especially love her poise with the whole Kohli fiasco. She probably learnt a bit or two from Deepika’s experience.

    I didn’t know she was completing a Masters via correspondence. That is so cool!


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