Happy May Day! Or, International Workers Day!

Happy May Day/Labor Day!  For an industry that is also dismissed as being frivolous and full of fantasy, Indian film really has a lot of songs about work!

1. I would definitely work in Aamir Khan’s sweat shop.


2. I do not want to work in the fields with Nargis, it looks horrible!


3.  The army with Farhan Akhtar looks moderately more fun!


4. I don’t want to work with him, but I do want Amitabh to settle all my labor-management-union disputes for me.


5. And finally, a simple definition of collectivism!

4 thoughts on “Happy May Day! Or, International Workers Day!

  1. Nice collection! I’d rather join Indian Army circa Hrithik rather than Farhan’s era.All those delicious men!But do you really want Amitabh to settle your labor-management issues? Look at what he did to the poor workers in Namak Haraam.


    • Well, if I am picking my Indian army based purely on looks, I think I might have to go with LOC: Kargil! I can choose between young Abhishek, young Saif, young Akshaye, mature Ajay and Sanjay and Sunil, and about a dozen other actors (how is that cast so stacked?).

      And you’re right about Amitabh! I guess really I just want him on my side of the Labor dispute, management if I am management, and labor if I am labor.


  2. Whenever it comes to work – I always think of that song from Taare Zameen Par – Chale Chalo. I know it’s not hard labour or whatever, but it captures the extreme routine and machine-like nature of urban living pretty well.

    And….I loved Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke!


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