Happy Doctor’s Day! Let’s Look At Medical Songs!

Happy Doctor’s Day!  Which I only know about from Amitabh’s twitter.  Which is true of so many things, Amitabh really does tweet about everything.

Hollywood, India, England, Korea, probably other film industries I don’t know about: they all love the medical stories!  More on TV than in movies, because the new patient ever week set up is so perfect for serialized dramas, but in movies too!  So, I can’t possibly give an exhaustive list, but I’ll throw out some of my favorites, and feel free to mention some of your favorite doctor movies/songs in the comments!

1. A regional one!  I just watched this movie, and let’s just say the real medical part of it ends up being less fun for our hero than med school was.


2. A Shahrukh one!  It’s only medical right at the end, but it’s Sonali Bendre!  She’s such a great doctor!


3. I love this song!  I’ve never even seen the movie (it’s based on Dil Apna Aur Preet Purai, which also has a song I love and which I also haven’t seen), but don’t they make a cute doctor couple?


4. Great song, and more about love than medicine, but we do get to see the way traveling clinics work, which I found fascinating!


5. Super sad song!  But then it gets triumphal at the end.  And we get to see Kareena as a med student!


6. Although, there are alternative treatments for attempted suicide cases.  But they all involve songs.


7. And speaking of, to finish this off, the greatest doctor song of them all! From the greatest Doctor movie!



7 thoughts on “Happy Doctor’s Day! Let’s Look At Medical Songs!

    • Hey! It’s Mohanlal! And another remake of a Chicago-set film (I don’t know if you saw, but comments and posts have recently reference Return to Me and While You Were Sleeping, and now here’s The Fugutive!)


  1. yup.. Malayalam version of the fugitive… Nirnayam(1995)..direction sangeeth sivan,cinematography by his brother santosh sivan … My favourite doctor.
    This song is about his friendship with one of his patients..a sick girl who lost her parents…and the girl may be familiar to you


    • Oo, now I am intrigued! Who is the little girl?

      The Internet says: Shamili! From Anjali! And also Kandukondain Kandukondain, that’s interesting! She did a really good job in that, it’s not much of a role (the “Margaret” character is barely in the book, then the role was expanded greatly in the Ang Lee-Emma Thompson film, and then modified down again for Kandukondain), but she made her likeable and interesting. How has she been in her grown-up movies?


  2. she acted in one more malayalam movie after this…harikrishnans in 1998…which was a very big film..mammootty+mohanlal+juhi chawla and kunjakko boban(who was the nivin pauly of that time)..also initially a cameo from sharuk khan was planned but later it was dropped… She was the younger sister for both Ms and has a real nice and popular song with both of them…but the role wasnt very significant to the story..later she took a break and now debuted as a heroine to kunjakko boban in ‘Valleem thetty pullem thetty’… Released last month and bombed in box office…but she is now getting active in all south indian languages…


  3. it was the biggest hit of that year…not a great film.. But its really funny If you are a fan of Mammooty or Mohanlal…. It wont be enjoyable if you dont care about their star values or the rivalry between their fans…but all the songs are really beautiful..do watch them on youtube


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