Happy Birthday Ranveer! There Is So Much Going On Today!!!

It’s Eid, Sultan day, and I just learned it is also Ranveer’s birthday!  Don’t worry, they will all get their own posts.  But I’ll start off with Ranveer.  31 reasons to love him!

1.Happy Birthday Ranveer!  Did not realize you are the same age as me!  That’s reason number one, that you are already a top star at 31, with a nice long career ahead of you.

2.I also love you because you didn’t waste time starting your career.  You were waiting for the perfect part, but you finally realized it is better to just take the part that is offered you and start.

3. But once you took the part, you took it seriously, traveling to Delhi to perfect the accent and attitude of a “Dilliwala”

4. And I love that you never used your filmi connections (Anil Kapoor is your maternal uncle) to help your career, but you also never tried to hide them and pretend you are a total outsider.

5. I love that your first movie was a huge sleeper hit, and you carried it off with confidence in public and humility in the studio (going right to work on your second film)

6. Speaking of that first movie, love this song!

7. You’re very second film, you “passed it on” by helping to launch a new young star, Parineeti, just like Anushka helped launch you.


8. In just your third film, you were already experimenting and challenging yourself.


9. At the same time, you were still playing to your established strengths as the bad boy who rises to the occasion.


10. And your experimentation was recognized by being included in this massive Hindi film retrospective song, despite being only 3 films old.


11. I love you because in the same year that you played the understated and dreamy Lootera, you also managed the over the top and dramatic Ram-Leela.

12. I love you because, although I don’t like Ram-Leela, the screen came alive every time you were on it.

13. I love you because your chemistry with Deepika, onscreen and off, was palpable.

14. I love you because you seem like a really supportive boyfriend, unashamed to talk about how you feel and comfortable with her success.

15. I love you because you weren’t ashamed to wear a ridiculous undone shirt for basically the entire movie, especially this song!


16. I love you because this love song is just the silliest thing, and you almost sell me on it.


17.  I love you because you also nailed the “I am amused but also somewhat bored” hero look for the Tawaif-type song.


18. And the flirty holi song!  Really, a lot of classic hero moves in this film.


19. And of course the sad song (I don’t always like Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movies, but I always like his songs).


20. And then you followed up Lootera and Ram-Leela with something ridiculous!


21.  You know, I love you more for the ridiculous than for the artistic experiments.  Or rather, for going back to something ridiculous for your old mentor and studio after getting all the awards and critical accolades for your other work.

22.  And you followed it up with something even sillier, and another multi-starrer, in Kill Dil.

23. Before, finally, working with a relative for the first time, and nearly stealing the movie from your much higher profile co-stars, in Dil Dhadakne Do.

24. And then returning to the artistic realm with Bajirao Mastani.  Which I very much did not like, but I thought you were brilliant in it.  Especially how you took your naughty bad boy character from your other films and made him into a grown up.

25. Kill Dil may have been stupid and a flop, but it was worth it because you got a chance to dance with Govinda!


26. I’m so-so on the movie, but I love the songs from Dil Dhadakne Do.  Especially this one.  The blocking is just so impressive!

27. That last song is my favorite, but this one is a close second, and it’s all on you.  Okay, also on Anushka, but mostly you are the one really selling the song.


28.  And then of course there’s the promotional song, which they cheated us out of in the actual movie.


29. And finally, we reach Bajirao!  You got lots of chances to practice your “noble hero watching a woman dance for him” look in this.  You aren’t quite as good as Dilip Kumar at it, but then, who is?


30.  But this song was amazing, and one of the few times I actually enjoyed myself in this movie.


31.  And finally, most importantly, I love you because Aditya Chopra has chosen you to be in his next movie, and you are very aware of what an incredible honor that is.





5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ranveer! There Is So Much Going On Today!!!

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  2. I have a few more reasons i love Ranveer. He doesn’t mind laughing at himself, and was a great sport at the AIB Roast. I love his bromance with Arjun. And I was super amused when I heard him tell the story of his job in college at Indiana University on Koffee With Karan. He purposely wore his hair long and sported an exaggerated Apu accent from the Simpsons so all the North Shore Jewish girls would come get coffee every morning. “Oh my gawd, he’s so exotic!” LOL


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