The Most Imaginative Song Sequences in Hindi Film in Recent Years

Well, I’m having a rumpled start to the week!  Karan sent out an embarrassingly sycophantic tweet this morning, there’s a final warm spell hitting Chicago which is making me not able to sleep, the elevator is broken (again) at work so I have to keep running up and down the really abnormally steep stairs, and my boss gave Dog Hazel some food she shouldn’t eat which wasn’t a big deal except that I had to tell my boss not to do that, which was an awkward upturning of our usual power structure (he’s in charge of me, but I’m in charge of Dog Hazel).  Anyway, time for a soothing interesting post with a lot of great things to watch in it.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!  A holiday I don’t get to celebrate at all, because there are no brothers in my family.  Yes, even if I count cousins.  All girls, all the time, both mother and father’s side of the family.  But, at least I can watch movies and pretend this is what it would be like if I had a brother or a cousin-brother. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

(as always, if you have a favorite video for the holiday, let me know in the comments!)

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Dil Dhadakne Do: A Family Film

Here’s a random post.  There’s a big thought provoking scary hard important post coming tomorrow morning, but I wanted one more nice film discussion post first.  And Angie reminded me that I had still not written about this film.

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