News on SRK’s Upcoming Films!!!

Now that Sultan is over, time to start getting excited for the next big Khan release!  Which will be SRK in October, the way things look now.

As was announced a while ago, Gauri Shinde (director of English/Vinglish) is making a movie starring Alia Bhatt and featuring Shahrukh in some unknown fashion.  Shahrukh was filming for a few months during and after the Fan promotions, and then he finished and an October release date was announced, but the film still didn’t have a plot or a title.  More worrisome, it was still unclear whether Shahrukh and Alia would have a romance or not (Noooooooooooo!  She’s just a baby!  It would be weird and disturbing!).

Well, now all our questions are answered!  Well, most of them.  The title is Dear Zindagi.  It’s about Alia’s life journey.  And Shahrukh plays her “life coach”.  It’s not a cameo, his screen time is supposed to be around 30 minutes, but it’s also not a co-star leading role.  And, most importantly, NOT a romantic part!  Phew!  So, I’m picturing Alia as a young woman who is unhappy with her life for some reason, and Shahrukh being the magic spirit guide type who gives her advice, and then we have some scenes of her following that advice, and then she goes back and gets more advice, and so on through to the end.  And if we are very lucky, there will be a song somewhere.  Maybe he forces her to go to a nightclub with him or something?

In a few interviews recently, Shahrukh also talked about what happened to the Raees release date.  He said that Adi and Salman and he talked about it and agreed that there just weren’t enough screens in India for two big movies, so he would move Raees.  Plus, because of one of his many injuries, the filming had gotten delayed so it wouldn’t hurt anything for them to take a little longer to finish Raees.  So, it is still coming out in January, possibly conflicting with Ajay’s film Baadshaho, but NOT conflicting with Hrithik’s Kaabil, which just announced it was moving to avoid the clash.  It’s possible Ajay will decide to move to at some point in the next few months, but I wouldn’t be surprised it he stays put.  Partly because it is fearless Ajay, and he has proved before that he has no problem clashing with King Khan.  But also because Raees doesn’t necessarily look like a big family entertainer, so if Baadshaho is, then they can each take their part of the audience and do fine.

So, that’s the next few months, Dear Zindagi in October, and Raees probably in January.  But what after that?  Well, apparently SRK will start to shoot his Imtiaz Ali film with Anushka in the next few weeks.  No word at all on what that will be like, but I am strongly hoping for something more Socha Na Tha and less Rockstar.  I think Imtiaz had a dangerous tendency to get a bit in love with his “tragic artist!” main characters and lose track of the characters and the stories that don’t interest him.

And then after that, the really weird sounding one, he is going to start work on a movie with Aanand L. Rai in which he plays a dwarf?  What the heck?  Maybe it will be like Dear Zindagi, where it’s more of a supporting role and he gives advice to the main characters or something.  I just don’t see how you can build a whole movie around Shahrukh as a Little Person.

(Aanand L Rai is best known for directing the Tanu Weds Manu movies, but before that, he also made this!  Which is I think the only one of his movies I have seen straight through (Tanu Weds Manu, the DVD broke half way))

That is supposed to start filming before the end of the year, which means sometime in early 2017, he will finish and start working (possibly) on the big historical epic with Aditya Chopra!  SO EXCITED for that one.

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