Twitter Update: Shahrukh is Cute

You know how I know Shahrukh loves me? Just as I am looking at my numbers thinking “wow, my views are down today!”, he posts a thing on twitter just for me, to pull them up again. Thank you Shahrukh! Love you too!

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News Round-Up 1: Shahrukh Fake Stories, Dostana 2 with Rajkummar, YRF Gets a New Hero, and Hrithik Gets a New Heroine

So many news stories! I’m catching up, so this isn’t exactly “breaking” news, but there are lots of interesting little things over the past week or so that I want to talk about with you all. I’ll break them down into many many MANY posts over the course of the day.

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Silly Sunday FanFic: Classic Hollywood Noble Mother Soaper with Older Charming Newspaper Editor Romance! Rani and SRK?

I was late for work on Thursday because I just had to stay home long enough to see how this thing ended. The original is only like 70 minutes and yet SO MUCH happens!!! I feel like it needs to be remade and given the 3 hour treatment it deserves. Also, I feel like Hindi film needs more sacrificial mothers rewarded with late in life romance main characters.

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TGIT: Hot Men with Coffee

I’m sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Was up until 1am last night writing Bharat reviews. And now it is really hard to get my brain to work. So I will do things that require no thought, and might also give me a shot of imaginary caffeine (no real caffeine today, which is also causing sleepies and headache and general bad mood). Let’s imagine all these hot men are offering me coffee!

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Zero Analysis Post: A Doubling Story, Two People Who Make Each Other Complete

I’ve now seen this movie twice, with a nice long gap between viewings, which kind of lets me shake things out in my head in a better order. And I have watched the slightly clearer Netflix edit along with the theatrical edit. So I think it is time for me to consider what the film was supposed to be about.

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Every Addition, Subtraction, and Change to the Theatrical Version of Zero Versus the Netflix Version and How They Change Things

Well, this was a grumpy day. I kept starting and stopping Zero while watching the cleaning person clean and realizing that the only person who cleans to my standards is me and it is VERY FRUSTRATING watching someone else clean not quite as well. Watching Zero again did not necessarily make me less grumpy. Although at least I had the little treasure hunt for the things that were changed (why? how? what?) to keep me busy!

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Silly Sunday FanFic in Search of an Ending: Cheeky Shahrukh Age Gap Romance, Fun Ranveer Mistaken Identity Romance, Help Me Solve This!

I mostly have these worked out. No clever dialogue details or stuff this time around, but the broad strokes are there. Except the end! I have such cute plot ideas based on cute American movies, but I don’t know how to end them. I’ve caught the Karan Johar bad ending disease. Help! I’m tempted to just give all the heroine’s cancer or bring in Salman to give a looooong speech and call it a day.

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Vital Question: Which is the Sexiest Shahrukh Song?

I suspect some of you will have STRONG OPINIONS on this question. I also feel like maybe I have done this post before? Or something similar? Anyway, it is a vital question that deserves constant revisiting and revising. And since tastes differ, it is also a question that should spark some interesting and enlightening discussion!

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Shahrukh Letterman Taping Report, FULL FINAL VERSION! READ FOR LATEST UPDATE!!! (No Spoilers)

Because Shahrukh’s newest longform interview was in America, and tickets were open to the public, there were a few DCIBers who were actually able to attend! I asked them for their stories of what it was like, without any details of the actual interview (because I want to be surprised and I am selfish that way). Oh, and no SPOILERS in the comments please either, even rumors. I’ll delete them if I see them, so other people like me who want to go in fresh can stay uncontaminated.

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Bharat Trailer and the Three Khans Playdates

Another Bharat song! Is this the last one? I think it’s the last one. Or maybe not? We’ve still got 3 weeks left, what else are they going to do if there are no more songs? Oh, and there is a super super cute news story going around about the Khans that just makes me happy and I want it to be true.

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Yet Another Discussion Post: What Question Would You Ask Shahrukh if You Were At the Letterman Taping? And What Question Do You Hope Letterman Asks Him?

This is a suggestion from Procrastinatrix, and I think it is a fun one! Especially if we get really really specific about the situation, not just a general “what would you ask Shahrukh?” topic.

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