News Round-Up: Khalnayak is back, Hrithik and Salman are Friends, and Dil Might Get a Sequel!

There is slightly more news today than yesterday, but not much.  The items that jumped out at me were the ones that called back to the 1990s.

First, Khalnayak Returns!  Subhash Ghai just announced he is working on a sequel, and yes, Sanjay has signed on.  Woo!  So happy!  For many reasons.  First, it always kind of bothered me that Sanjay’s character was just left hanging at the end of Khalnayak, turning good just in time to go to jail.  So, yay!  Resolution!

Second, poor Subhash Ghai hasn’t had a hit in ages, I’ll be glad if Sanjay Dutt and the nostalgia factor get people in to see a Khalnayak sequel.  And thirdly, woo Sanjay!  Signing movie after movie!  His career is doing almost better now than before he went to jail.

Hrithik and Salman had a bit of a nothing story, which has now been resolved through a reference to the 90s.  Some of the less legitimate sources were spreading “rumors” that there was a falling out between Hrithik and Salman last week.  Which I pretty much ignored, because it was clearly a tempest in a teapot.  Although I do enjoy these little tempests when they finally blow over, because I am always interested in exactly how the stars manage their public images.

In this case, Hrithik returned from vacation to say “hey, what, huh?  Me and Salman fighting?  Where did that even come from?”  I mean, more eloquently than that, but that was the tone of it.  To explain why it was clearly false, though, Hrithik told a nice sentimental old story about how Salman helped him with body building back in the day, after they met on the set of Karan-Arjun, and then took his photo around to casting directors and helped him get a leg up in the industry.  Awwwww!  Oh, and also Salman arranged a private viewing of Sultan for him now that he is back from vacation.  Awwww!

Oh, and the producer Indra Kumar just announced a sequel to Dil.  Which I got all excited about, and then I read that it would be a whole new cast.  So a “sequel” like Aashiqui 2 is a sequel, not actually following the same characters like the Khalnayak one.  It is kind of interesting because, after doing a string of romances in the 90s (Dil, Ishq, Mann, etc.), Indra switched to doing the Masti sex comedies for the past few years.  So going back to remake Dil could just be a random decision on his part, nostalgia or whatever, or it could be a sign that the pendulum is swinging away from sex comedies and back to romances.  I hope so, because I love Dil and Mann, and even Ishq, and I have no interest in the Masti films.

10 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Khalnayak is back, Hrithik and Salman are Friends, and Dil Might Get a Sequel!

  1. I couldn’t stand Dil when I tried to watch it — I couldn’t even finish it. I found it too full of the old (meaning 1960’s & 70’s) sexist cliches. Which is what makes the rumors of a remake interesting (BTW, I doubt it will ever actually get made, just like I doubt Khalnayak 2 will ever be made, but never mind). Now you know one of the key plot points of Dil — SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t watched it — is the false “rape” that Aamir pretends to commit on Madhuri. Given all the furor that has recently been manufactured over Salman’s “rape” comment, do you think a plot element like that will be allowed to fly these days? Or maybe it will be, because basically Indra Kumar isn’t any great shakes any more in filmdom, so attacking him won’t get anyone any eyeballs.

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    • I wouldn’t think it would be done in the exact same way. But I could easily see a similar idea, with a series of prank wars that eventually go too far, and sort of wake the heroine up to falling in love with the hero.


  2. I somehow find a Hrithik/Salman fallout a little hard to believe. Hrithik is always talking about how much he owes Salman and how much love and help and advice he got for him. Even when Salman was uncomfortably vociferous about his dislike of Bhansali’s Guzaarish (some reports mentioned him saying that even a dog wouldn’t see it I think. I may be wrong, this must have been some 5-6 years ago), Hrithik’s reaction was more on the lines of “Bhai, I love you man, but WTF?” (I disagree with Salman there, teehee, I thought Guzaarish was pretty okay). If that’s his reaction to Salman’s response for a movie that Hrithik felt so emotionally attached to, I can’t imagine what could cause that big a fallout – if indeed it did happen.

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    • Yeah, I’m not really buying it either. Felt more like the media needed a new buzzy Salman feud story, and Hrithik was out of town, so they landed on him since he wasn’t around to deny it.

      More importantly, you LIKED Guzaarish? Are you INSANE? Of course, I’m probably not the target market, since I haven’t liked a Bhansali movie since Hum Dil, but still, a Hrithik film in which he can’t dance? Why? Why would anyone do that?


  3. I didn’t LIKE like it, I just…yknow…didn’t hate it 😛 It was a little dreary and sad but I did think long and hard about it when I went home. Hrithik was lovely in it, even more so coz he couldn’t dance because he made up for it by being really, really facially expressive, and I think it was one of Ash’s slightly better performances? (yes yes that’s the 12 yr old Ash-fan in me talking :P)

    Conclusion: I’m probably fairly insane 😛

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  4. For the upteenth time, Salman never made any comment on Guzaarish! He was speaking at an event to recognize the differently abled, and one of the participants asked him why he doesn’t make a movie on such themes, to highlight their issues. In response, Salman said that he once made an issue-based film — Phir Milenge (it was about AIDS) — and “not even a dog came to the theater to see it”, so he learned that it doesn’t make any sense to promote a social message by making a movie about it, since no one will see it anyway, and instead that he should help the cause through other means.

    It just so happened that Guzaarish had released a short time before that, and the media, always looking for any way to tie Salman’s and Aishwarya’s names together, went to town claiming that Salman had made that remark about Guzaarish. You know what is really remarkable about this incident? Normally Salman never reacts or comments about any of the rumors spread about him. But this time, he gave a statement (could have been part of an interview), clarifying that he was talking about his own film, not someone else’s. He also got the channel which broadcast the event (IBNLive) to issue a clarification, and release the relevant video clip to the media. *And* on that week’s episode of Big Boss, which he hosts, he again clarified that he never referred to Guzaarish, but to his own film Phir Milenge. That’s three separate clarifications from him on this one matter! Highly uncharacteristic. But still, after all that, and after all these years, the media still perpetuates this lie that he made that comment about Guzaarish, and many people online just run with it as well. The video of his speech at that event was on youtube for quite a while. I don’t know if it’s still on, but if you’re interested, you can search for it.

    And while I’m on the topic of clearing up misstatements that are viral on the internet, Aamir never named his dog Shahrukh, either. He said explicitly that the dog belonged to the caretaker of the place he was staying at, who was a big SRK fan, and so named his dog after the star. True, Aamir did make a tasteless joke about “Shahrukh is licking my feet,” but his sense of humor is always rather heavy-handed, to say the least. Anyway, he made the statement on his blog. Again, I don’t know if you can find it, but it was there.

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    • Thanks for the background! I think both Lisa (the commentator above) and myself didn’t know the details, but sort of broadly assumed that the media had made up something because neither of us believed that there was actually an issue between Hrithik and Salman ever.

      I remember the Aamir thing, he definitely knew he was being cheeky with the blog quote, but if you read past the headlines of the articles, it was clear it was just a joke.

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      • Actually, at the time of Guzaarish, because of the media’s persistent misreporting, both Hrithik and Sanjay Leela Bhansali were angry at Salman and gave some choice quotes to the media saying so. However, Hrithik soon met Salman personally somewhere (i.e., he wasn’t meeting Salman about this, they just casually both happened to be somewhere), and got the clarification, after which he said in public that he has wrong before and everything was cool between him and Salman. SLB carried on the grudge for a few years, before he realized that he still needed Salman, so started praising Salman again, but it hasn’t led to any kind of rapprochement that I can see.

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