Quick News Report: Sultan in Overseas, Great Grand Masti Releases, and Shiney Ahuja is a Disgusting Idiot

Is that last really news?  I feel like the world at large has pretty much known that Shiney Ahuja is garbage for years now.  I mean, the other stories aren’t really “news” either-people like watching Sultan, they are sick of sex comedies, blah blah blah.  But this will probably be my last chance to post on news until the weekend is over (get ready for a weekend of Salman classic reviews!), so I thought I should grab it.

Sultan is now the 7th highest grosser of all time in Overseas sales.  Which, no kidding!  It’s on a ton of screens, it opened strong, of course it’s going to be high on the list!

I was more interested in looking at what else was on the list.  Bollywoodhungama printed the top 27 overseas films, from PK all the way down to Dabangg 2.  What was interesting, to me, is the spread of the Khans.  Shahrukh had the largest number of films on the list, 10 in all, and the oldest, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna from back in 2006 at number 17.  But he wasn’t at the top.  He isn’t even in the top 3, his highest film is Dilwale at number 4.  Aamir only has 4, PK and Dhoom 3 at number 1 and 2, then 3 Idiots down at 5, and Talaash aaaaaaaaaallllll the way down at number 22.  Which still surprised me, I didn’t think Talaash would make the list at all!  And Salman, with the addition of Sultan at number 7 (and climbing) now has 6, including Dabangg 2 all the way at the bottom.

I think it’s that 2006 date for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna that is most important here.  Shahrukh was the first of the Khans to really go after the overseas market.  His 10 movies reflect 10 years of effort to broaden his global reach.  And they include plenty of films that were only big hits overseas: My Name is Khan, Ra.One, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.  His overseas box office for all these films is solid, but only if there is no competition on the market.  Once the other Khans started going after the overseas markets, his films start dropping further and further down the list.

On the other hand, the Aamir hits are all at the top, and they all managed to work for both overseas and at home audiences.  He has fewer of them, but he is more discriminating in his choices, trying to find something that will have a true global reach.  Well, except for Talaash.  But I don’t think that movie was ever supposed to be a big hit, you know?  It’s not like they made a bunch of prints or had a huge run up publicity campaign.  I am sure it made back its investment, and the artists were proud of their product, and that’s about all they expected.

(Which isn’t to say I don’t like Talaash.  I just don’t think it’s exactly an all ages family fun time hit kind of movie.)

Meanwhile, Salman has just started hitting the list recently, even Dabangg 1 isn’t on it, which shocked me!  But once he entered it, bam-bam-bam, 6 films in 5 years!  He seems to be following a slightly different tack than Aamir and Shahrukh, just believing that if you make a good movie, it will play anywhere.  Aamir picks films with strong social messages and wry twists, things that work great for audiences more used to Hollywood films.  Salman isn’t ashamed to do an all Indian style entertainer and trust on the heart to carry it through.  And he’s definitely not smoothing out his rough edges or trying to act more “Western” to carry the film abroad like Shahrukh tends to.

That’s the “good” box office news, the “bad” in box office is that Great Grand Masti opened and is doing terrrrrrrrrrrrible.  Well, maybe it’s “bad” for the filmmakers, it’s great news for me!  I have no interest in these stupid sex comedy movies, and maybe a nice big flop will be enough to convince producers to stop making them.  Although there are other factors here, the film was leaked online in advance, which meant the producers had to move their release date up a week, ensuring that it would clash with Sultan and the Indian release of Ice Age: whatever. As I previously posted, the Great Grand Masti producer was possibly anticipating a flop anyway though, because he is already looking at returning to his rom-com roots.

Oh, and then Shiney Ahuja is being disgusting.  Well, the Great Grand Masti filmmakers were being a little disgusting already maybe.  They named a maid in their movie “Shiney” to allow for a little wink and a nod to Shiney’s rape of his maid 5 years ago (case still pending, currently out on bail).  And now Shiney is suing them for defamation!  Really, guy?  You really want to drag this whole story up again and get it back in the news?  And you really want to sue Balaji Films, a production house won by a woman?  Just not good, all around.  So I say, as I have been saying consistently for the past 5 years, blech Shiney.  Just, blech!


4 thoughts on “Quick News Report: Sultan in Overseas, Great Grand Masti Releases, and Shiney Ahuja is a Disgusting Idiot

  1. I’m one of the few people I know that actually liked KANK. Like yes it had flaws but I loved what it was trying to do and I felt the message.

    Hullo Shiney. There’s one way, you know, of not finding the rape you carried out being referenced/referred to in films/popular culture. It’s simple really. Don’t rape people.


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