News Update: Trailer! TRAILER TRAILER TRAILER!!!! And Other Stuff

Trailer!!!  Dharma Trailer!  Even if I don’t end up enjoying the movie, Dharma is the BEST at the promotions!  Oh, and some other less exciting stuff is also happening.



So, here’s what I’ve got from this.  First, Katrina is even skinnier than usually, how is that possible?  Second, she and Siddharth do kind of work as a couple, I wasn’t sure they would, what with the age and experience difference between them.  Third, seems to be a big cast, Kat and Siddharth are the main focus of this song, but did you notice the other couple and, I think, a couple older character actors who were onscreen for a couple seconds?  Could be a classic Dharma family romance!!!

Fourth, most interesting, this was an Excel Entertainment co-production?  Did you see that?  Farhan listed way at the end?  Fascinating!  I had no idea they were working together in that way!  I wonder what Excel brought to the table?  Does Dharma need funding that bad?  Or did Farhan (or Javed) provide some dialogue or lyrics and a co-producer credit was part of the deal?  Or did Farhan just want to experiment with a more traditional rom-com kind of film, but wanted to do it on the downlow as a co-producer instead of slapping the Excel name all over it?  Or, is it the other way around?  Is this an Excel film that we are being sold in Dharma packaging?  In which case, I will be very very resentful!  I want my Dharma films to be Dharma and my Excel films to be Excel!  None of this bait and switching!

In other, less important news, there is new info leaking about Salman’s Tubelight.  According to reports, Salman’s character will play a “man-child”, someone with a developmental disability that makes it difficult for them to learn new ideas.  This would make me nervous, but it’s Kabir Khan, and he sort of did something like that with Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and it worked great!  Managed to play into Salman’s natural innocence onscreen in a really interesting way.

Oh, and the taxwallahs are going hard after the industry.  They have requested the books and reports from Yash Raj films and Salman Khan Films, it is assumed to compare them against the payments reported by Aamir Khan and Salman and Shahrukh.  Good luck to you, tax wallahs!  I have little to no faith in your ability to track down these payments!  The industry folks have been playing this game for many many many years.

And then the news that has the most personal effect on me, Being Human is going to launch a jewelry line!  I will so buy their jewelry!  I’ve been wanting to buy something from them for a while, but I don’t really wear that kind of super hip clothing.  But jewelry, totally!


3 thoughts on “News Update: Trailer! TRAILER TRAILER TRAILER!!!! And Other Stuff

  1. If you want Being Human jewelry, you could have bought a Hanuman locket during Banrangi days. 🙂 They had some other jewelry item, too, in the past.


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