News Update From the Art Cinema World: A Rape Conviction, a Malayalam Crossover, and Kangana Needs a Drivers License

Nothing really “fun” today, all of it is stuff I’m either concerned about or neutral.  But, some of it is still interesting to talk about!

First, Peepli Live director Mahmood Farooqui was convicted of rape.  Woo-Hoo!!!  Not about the rape, but about the conviction!  Woo!  It is so hard to convict people of rape in India, America, everywhere.  So any time someone is successfully convicted, it is worth of celebration.

This was a hard one to prosecute, the victim was a 30-something white grad student who went to his house to interview him, had dinner, had wine, and then was forced to perform oral sex.  So, there’s the issue of her being a foreigner, going their voluntarily, and “only” having oral sex.  It’s kind of a miracle they got it to trial and got a conviction.

So, what does it mean that this very “sensitive” “artistic” type of guy turns out to be a scumbag?  Well, nothing much really.  Just that there are scumbags in every group.  And being able to talk the talk and make the sensitive films, doesn’t mean in your personal life you aren’t completely disgusting.  And, conversely, making sexy dangerous films doesn’t mean that in your personal life you aren’t completely respectful and kind to all you meet.  Speaking for myself, I would feel completely safe going to to dinner at Emraan Hashmi or his uncle Mahesh Bhatt’s house, but I probably would never be alone with Om Puri.

Speaking of people I wouldn’t want to be alone with (although that’s partly because I don’t trust him, and partly because I don’t want to listen to him talk), Anurag Kashyap just met with Nivin Pauly and a bunch of other Malayalam film people.  He was visiting Kochi and went to a party at Geetu Mohandas’ (former child star turned grown up actress turned director of India’s last entry to the Oscars) and her husband Rajeev Ravi’s (director and cinematographer, made Kammatipaadam and Annayum Rasoolum) house.  Rajeev Ravi also worked as a cinematographer for Anurag on all his Hindi films, so that’s the connection.

At this party, were Nivin Pauly and Fahad Faasil.  And Nivin tweeted that he was “waiting for Anurag to join the team”, which seemed to imply that they are working on something together.  Huh.  I don’t really like Anurag’s films, but it would be an interesting way to either introduce Nivin to Hindi film (if they are working on a Hindi movie together), or get Anurag fans interested in Malayalam films (if they are working on a Malayalam film).

WOW! Nivin Pauly To Team Up With Anurag Kashyap?

And then finally, a tiny little story, Kangana Ranaut is having a hard time getting a drivers license.  She wants to change from her home state of Himachal Pradesh to Maharashtra.  But, she has not yet submitted her proof of address and former license.  So they are holding up the application.  Really, this is only news because it is news.  What kind of wacky reporters are following her around tracking stories this small?  And what kind of spokesperson does she have that they are actually responding to it?

The only way it makes any sense is if there is something much bigger at the bottom of it and the news isn’t reporting it yet, but they will eventually.  I mean, when I say “big”, I don’t mean like a massive conspiracy to kill the president or something.  I just mean maybe she is lying about her age.  That kind of thing.


11 thoughts on “News Update From the Art Cinema World: A Rape Conviction, a Malayalam Crossover, and Kangana Needs a Drivers License

  1. Kangana’s license woes seem silly.But I’ve seen sillier.For eg; the fact that Ranveer posted a picture of him wearing sunglasses similar to Kat’s ‘kaala chashma’ was interpreted as him supporting Kat and not being a good enough boyfriend to Deepika.How can they come to a conclusion from one single photo?

    On the other hand the newswallahs got it right when they said that Ranveer was getting back at Ranbeer (probably for all the fuss during Tamasha promotions) by saying that “I’m the one who’s going home with the girl.”


    • I don’t know how it happened, but I have become deeply personally invested in Ranveer and Dips’ relationship. If they ever break-up, I may have to take a day off work. He just seems so good for her!


  2. He seems to be giving 100% to the relationship but she seems to be cautious and taking it one day at a time.But both of them (especially Ranveer) are quite clever at using their relationship to get some free publicity.There’s always a story of Ranveer doing something outrageous for his lady love at the time when either of their movies are being released.


    • I love that they are so open about the relationship and letting us feel like we are a part of it, instead of the usual “we’re not dating, we’re not living together, oh wait now we are engaged!” thing actors do.


  3. Or the Mahima Chaudhary thing. “I’ll be giving birth to my baby any day now.Oh wait, you didn’t notice I had gotten married or that I had a baby bump for the past 9 months?”


    • Still not clear on whether Sridevi and Boney got married because she was visibly pregnant, or if they had been married for ages and just announced it when Jhanvi was on the way. Good chance they don’t really want people to have all the dates straight there.


  4. Word is that Boney’s ex mom-in-law had slapped Sri at a party for breaking up her daughter’s marriage.Gutsy lady! Anil claims that he had no idea that something was going on between his brother and Sri for a long time.He argues that he wouldn’t have starred opposite Sri if he had any inkling(remember all those intimate scenes especially the Kaante song from Mr.India).


    • I wondered about that! All those sexy-sexy Sridevi and Anil scenes, I mean. Just seemed an odd thing to do with your sister-in-law. Of course, there’s also Abhishek and Kareena in Refugee, which is still creepy to me. I would never do that with my brother-in-law to be!


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  6. nivin anurag film is announced..titled ‘moothon’ .geethu mohandas is director.her husband wil b the cinematographer.anurag will help wit wil b produced by aanand l rai(bolly director)


    • Thanks for the heads up! I just googled it. Right away it reminded me of Kammatipaddam (which of course was brilliant), and then I found an interview with the director where she said she was inspired to make it by the success of Kammatipaddam, thinking that if the audience could embrace such a different kind of film, they might be able to appreciate her story as well.


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