News Round-Up: Parineeti Is Moving, Salman Shoots for Tubelight, and “Lost” SRK Film Discovered!

Today it’s a bunch of stories that might someday turn into real stories, but right now are just little story seedlings.

First seedling, from the Bombay Times (not the most reliable source), is that Parineeti may have moved from her fancy sea-facing Bandra flat to a (possibly cheaper) place in Andheri.  The evidence they offer is that her name plate is gone, and there are little “sorry we missed you” stickers from utility companies.

So, what’s this story REALLY saying?  Is there a rumor that Parineeti is running out of money?  Is it that she might be living with someone?  Surely there’s more to it than just some reporter noticing a bunch of stickers on her mailbox, right?  It feels very similar to that Kangana drivers license story which was either the most non-story story ever, or supposed to hint at something I wasn’t picking up on.


Second seedling, first glimpses of Tubelight on set!  Salman is wearing a sweater vest and a checked shirt.  That’s it, that’s the only information you can get from these photos.  So, he’s character is “simple”, old-fashioned?  It’s cold in the mountains?  Alvira is costuming him again like she did for Sultan and Alvira really likes sweater vests?

Give it another few weeks, if we see him change into an army uniform or more traditional clothes or a Chinese outfit, THEN we will have a story.  Or at least, more grounds for speculation, since there’s some clothing-related character development we could guess at.


And finally, a new Shahrukh film!  Which sounds much more exciting than it is.  It’s not even In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones, which was an actual full length film.  It’s just some short film a friend made and Shahrukh acted in for a token amount, back in 1991, post-Fauji and Circus, but pre-Deewana and Dil Aashna Hai.

(Do you think he refused to wear a turban because it would mess his glorious hair?  If so, good decision!)

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